Wax Newbie Need Help W/ Rig Setup

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    I been smoking for many years, but now im getting into wax
    but dont know sheeeit about it
    im convinced wax is the way to go.
    I wanna buy a Domeless Ti Nail  but what is that glass part that the nail sits on?
    Meaning.... the extender thing nail to bong? What is the name of it and where do I get it? How much is it?
    Will I need to buy a glass bong? I have a cheap $20 acrylic bong.
       ****     Can I use it on an Acrylic bong or must it be a glass bong?? ****
    Right now I use a shitty vape pen and I feel cheated. I wanna feel the most outta my wax.
    The Ti Nail is about $25 I dont want to spend too much more.

  2. Honestly, if you don't get a glass bong, your pen is probably a better way to go. The adapter part you're talking about is usually ceramic, and most domeless nails that require them will come with them. Most, not all. I'm not sure where to get just one of the adapters though. You're going to be dealing with really hot temperatures so your acrylic bong isn't very safe to dab from, not to mention I doubt the glass-on-glass adapter will fit into a slidestem. I would suggest glass or your pen, man.
  3. Dont switch to wax unless you have have a clean, reliable source and you know what your doing.  Based on your post you have a while to go. You need to do some more research. A domeless Ti nail for $25? I wouldn't trust that. When it comes to Dabbing it is healither when done right but it is MUCH MUCH worse for you when done wrong. You only want Grade 2 Ti. I would spend the extra $$ and get it from a trusted name brand like Highly Educated or Santa Cruz shredder. If you can't afford a trusted name brand then go with a quartz nail. For best results get an actual oil rig instead of a bong. If your not in a medical state be careful when transporting as possession of BHO is the same as having meth or coke on you.
  4. Couldnt have said it any better^
  5. How much are u willing to spend. U can get a whole setup for $40. Rig nail and torch. I can guide u thru it. Don't go ti when going cheap. Its not real ti. Go quartz. U can get a domeless quartz for $8 on eBay. A rig for $20-25 and a 503 torch( prolly the most reliable cheap torch there is) for $10. U can't use a non gong peice. And what ur talking about is a male tp male adapter but it won't work on ur bong
  6. BB&B torch > anything else
    Same as a vector, but its $30. and if it breaks, you take it back and get a replacement, no questions asked.
  7. hell yea it is. but if he has a acryclic bong which is prolly $10. he prolly doesnt wanna spend even 30 on a torch. i have a BBB torch nd a 503 torch nd a vector. the bbb torch stopped igniting by itsself. the 503 $8 torch still does it. flames small nd takes a good 40 seconds but as my to go torch in my car its perfect. small works like a lighter with the witch of a button. keeps ignited without holding shit which most cheap torches dont have nd has a sepertate button for igntion. and most of all has orked verywell for more then 6 months. which not even a $25 torch wud do. for $30 BBB torch is best. nd to op thats the bonjour. for someone looking for a cheapass setup most likely like op. for $10 the 503 torch is the best no other torch around that price is even somewhat reliable and get 1-2 star revviews on amazon the 503 torch has 4.5 for the price its the best. i still like my vector the best out of all of em. i do like the BBB fuel guage

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