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Wax High vs Weed High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BWhite, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this already posted somewhere else i couldn't find it I'm new to the site.
    Anyway i was wondering about the differences between smoking herb, and vaporizing wax.  I've been smoking herb for several years now but have never tried wax.  I was thinking about getting a vapor pen and switching over to mostly wax.  What are the differences in wax compared to herb? For example is it more of a head high? Last longer? Anything else important? I like body highs like what you get from a nice purp mmmm  :p .  If you cant get the same effect from waxes that could be a big issue for me.  So what are the differences if any in the highs between the two?

  2. I don't recall ever vaping wax/oil but my buddy has a sickass oil rig setup for his bong, and those dabs blow away any bud in terms of raw THC content.
    I usually get massive head highs
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    Weed high gets me on chill mode and makes me not worry about the things that unfold. Usually ill take a random trip and enjoy the experience.Now wax high brings me back to those whoa..stuck..just completely mind blown stages. I love watching flicks or listening to music with heavy bass.I switch back n forth between both..but gotta say wax gets you completely blasted.
  4. wax just gets me too retarded...... don't ask me to have a conversation with your parents if I have taken a hit of wax..because all you will get is 1 word answers... its too over whelming for me but other people love that shit.
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    So besides getting u way more ripped than herb is it a different kind of high? U know like a real heady high but not so much body high. I've heard wax leaves out cbds or whatever it's called from the herb which is what gives u that body high. Also does it last the same amount of time as herb?

    Ps love that username lmao Jet life to the next life
  6. I never smoke wax by itself but I did smoke weed with wax in a joint. It got me too high but I can still function normal lol.
  7. weed - i can atleast move
    wax - *emergency broadcast signal*
  8. Wax is a way heavier high...you almost feel groggy and way more chill. I would say the feeling definitely lasts longer and you use a smaller amount. It is more expensive, but if you have an oil rig or vape pen, youll get your money worth. Concentrates in general is a different buzz..

    As for the screen name..Spitta is that dude!

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    I get high everyday, and it's normally split between smoking weed and taking dabs/using my vape pen, but I've noticed when I solely dab daily for an extended period of time I start to get depressed. it's weird. A month or two ago I was dabbing a bunch everyday for a week or two and I noticed I was starting to feel depressed and tired everyday, so I switched over to only smoking bud and felt better. I started dabbing a little bit at night time and that was good, but like a week ago I got some killer wax and have been dabbing a bunch again. I've also noticed I've been feeling a little depressed these past few days. gotta cut back on the dabs. I guess I'd liken it to drinking alcohol, it's cool to have a few beers throughout the day or with meals or whatever but you can't kill a fifth whenever you feel like it, otherwise you'll feel shitty all the time you're not plastered haha
    it kinda differs person to person, but I find wax leaves me super groggy and burnt out. if I smoke a bunch of weed I'll feel similarly, but with wax it only takes me a couple dabs to feel this way. again, the alcohol analogy. 
    personally, I wouldn't switch over to solely concentrates. I have a pen and was using wax with it kinda how you are planning on, but it's just not the same. I mean I guess if you hit it very, very infrequently it wouldn't be a problem but it's just so easy to get really high with those. to each his own though
  10. Hmm that's weird what u said about feeling depressed
  11. i like the high i get from wax way better for some reason.
  12. That's like asking, "Mids vs. Headies:  which one has a better high?"
  13. Well it's not because dank weed isn't mids. And headies is just a sativa dom slang. Sativa can be mids fyi.

    Jeez fuckin noobs

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  14. Wax is concentrated cannabis. It'll get you higher with less.  I've done both.  Go home toolbox.
  15. is it, wax, stronger than hash? never had wax but i love hash when i dont have to think and just do things on autopilot, like running a race or playing tennis. 
    im def gonna head into the valley soon and pick up a vape pen and some wax... try it out for myself
  17. wax= hash... thc content in hash= 50%+ (if made correctly).. high end buds= 20-30% at most... wtf u think man lol...
  18. Didn't u notice I didn't say anything about potency? No shit it's more potent thanks for pointing out the obvious but that has nothing to do with my question...
  19. Can wait till my first dab.
  20. i apologize fellow blade... didnt mean to insult you at all.. and depends on if the pot the wax was made from. if was more cloudy trichomes> to amber trichomes... head high.. half n half= both.. and amber> cloudy= ur not gonna get up unless ur used to it...

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