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wats the best way to keep nugget fresh..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luv Tha Nug 420, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. lil moist and super sticky?? how can i keep my piff real nice i been useing orange peals in baggies and keeps it defintly moist but gets all the shake and sum nuggz stick on the peals...i also find hate to say this but if ur trying to make lil fast cash let the peals shit in the bag over a week and then sell it too some one and call it orange haze or some exotic markting scheme.
  2. Any smoker knows the tricks about water weight. I can pick nugs up and tell if someone has done that. Be careful with using too many orange peals, your bud can start to get moldy and shit.
  3. Just keep it in a glass jar in a cool place or the freezer it will keep. If you want to remoisten weed try a grapefruit it tastes great and say you have an 1/8 use a piece of the peel the size of a thumb nail in a glass jar for 1or 2 hrs then check.
  4. I know someone who got ther 2 lbs impounded and when they got it back three months later the cops put it in an evidence paper bag. IT WAS DRY!!!!! He used the grapefruit peels and it all worked out.
  5. word thanks guys
  6. Smoke it when you get it.
  7. I have this cool little glass jar, or we use pill bottles

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