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  1. So I'm wondering what the hell this means... My controller says I have 695w/sq. M.. It actually has a calibrated very accurate sensor, including light.

    The sensor is at canopy height under a 1000 w hps with 2 other 1000w's, 2 600w, and a few LEDs.

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  2. it depends on how big your tent is..thats if your growing indoors
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    Watts is a horrible way to assess a lights capabilities. I was just having this discussion in another thread. A guy was posting about his "1000" watt led that ran on an actual 280 watts producing 2000 lumens. A 150 watt hps light kicks out 16000 lumens. He called his "1000" watts an equivelant. A 1000 watt hps kicks out about 160,000 lumens, no way 2000 lumes would even come close .

    You need to look at all the lights information before deciding what light to grow with not just watts and lumens., definetly not just watts alone. Even 2 led running the exact same actual watts can have totally different figures all across the board.
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