Wats its problem?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jay t bell, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. ive got this 1 plant and it doesnt look right.all the info i can find points to one thing but it doesnt make sense wont tell you what i came up with yet just wont to see if you come up with the same idea.
    hope this pic is clear enough to make it out.
    cheers laters jay.

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  2. it was growing at the same speed as this 1 but slowed down then the leaves changed slightly.

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  3. I am leaning towords two.....either this plant is a different strain or you had some sort of a nutrient lockup due to overwatering. That's what it looks like to me. Just back off on the water a little and you may see an improvement. But it could be a different phenotype also...one that just appears lighter in colour.....Remember...all kids even though they come from the same parents are not the same. That could be it....but I am leaning towords the nute lockup theory.....let your soil dry out a little and perhaps you will see an improvement. Peace!!!
  4. Yep i agree it looks like overwatering to me, be sure not to overwater it kills as quick as underwatering.
  5. can u take a pic from a side view.. and not so close to the plants...
  6. here we are

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  7. And.top left is the 1 in Q.

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  8. cheers man.
    Ive already been there and the only pick that looks similar to mine is a shortage of zink which doesnt make sense cause i would have thought all of the plants would show this sign.
    ive been trying to look on the edge but it seems to be down at the mo.oh well doesnt look life threatening yet.
  9. not all plants will run into the same problems.. my plants look like yours right now... the leaves are bending up, but is growing good tho... as long u dont see like its dieing, it should be coo...

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