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  1. So I read that should have 20%run off when I water. But I don't this is what I do I use a moisture Gage every few days when under 2 1/2 I give r the two girls a gallon of water with biotanicare line of nuti. Half a gal each so I don't get run off is this going to be bad or am I ok. Should I flush out by giving it extra water every other water looking for some good info please
  2. I know people that water like you do and are OK using that method. I would recommend at least a 10% runoff. It ensures that you are getting food/water to each and every portion of the root mass.
  3. Thanks good info any thing else that could help me look at my pic if you can let me know. Thx
  4. You want runoff to wash the soil clean of nutrient salt build up. I have 5 gal pots and use 3 gals each plant each watering. Never have any crazy issues.
  5. The potential problem with how you are watering is that the soil may not be drying out enough between waterings, that could lead to root rot. Watering until runoff ensures that you are saturating the soil and possibly gives some of the benefits of flushing by removing some of the salt build-up each time.
  6. Thx very good info please check my other threads and your info is very much aperishated. Anything else
  7. I have changed my watering. I'm giving each plant one gallon of water of water with two cups of run off. All in a three gal cloth pot. Resent pic three days ago.

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