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  1. hey people. in doing a indoor project. i just wanted to know when i water do i water the whole plant or just the soil. Please reply if u have this answer?
  2. You can spritz the leaves once in ahwile to knock the dust off but dim or turn off your lights until the droplets are gone. Water your soil only when you determine by feel that the soil is dry about a half inch below the surface. Too much water can cause root rot wash away the nutrients in your grow mix There are some excellant grow instructions at overgroway.com.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  3. Thanks critter for postin the address for him, I got the address wrong I'm gettin a little senile in my old age and can't seem to even find my teeth at times.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. I advise buying a cheap moisture meter, it will save on the guesswork. Be careful with overwatering. I didn't know that overwatering meant watering too often not necessarily too much until I almost drowned the roots of my baby. You can't let the soil stay moist, allow some time for the soil to dry out this helps to get oxygen to the roots. Don't let root ball dry out completely.My moisture meter goes from 1-10. I water when it reads between 2-4. I stick the probe in the dirt as deep as it will go. Make sure you have proper ventilation. Hot/humid conditions will not make the plant use more water(as I once thought). A well ventilated plant will use more water.
  5. where did ya get the moisture meter from and how much was it mate ?

  6. You can find them at any store that sells garden supplies for under $20US. The one I have is a 'rapidtest' two prong moisture meter. They also have meters that test moisture, ph and light.

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