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  1. ive tried growing many times and cant ever get it to work. i germinate the seeds untill the root tip comes out, then i plant them in the soil like tutorials have told me, and still nothing. i was wondering if maybe this had somethign to to with my watering? how wet does the soil need to be. i use a spray bottle to keep the top moist but when i do it the tops pretty dry. am i over watering, not watering enough, or what?
  2. If you only ever mist-spray it then I would assume its under-watering, but it could also be a problem with the soil....
  3. the bottom of the soil is moist its just the top where the soil dries out. i didnt wanna water it like with a watering pail or whatever b/c of the risk of overwatering and sending the seed deep into the pot.
  4. I don't know what will solve your problem, but here's a list of things you could try:

    1) Different soil
    2) Planting at different depths
    3) Temperature control *
    4) Less pouring [water] and more misting. **
    5) Move light closer to the surface of the soil (but observe #3)
    6) Different seeds (if they were free)

    * Some people germinate on warming pads or computer monitors, around 80 degrees fahrenheit I think.

    ** The bottom of the soil doesn't have roots or seeds to germinate or anything that water would be useful to, so it's best not to have soggy soil if you can avoid it. Soil already comes pretty moist out of the bag. If you only use the sprayer to wet the soil you will probably get tired of pumping before you overwater and thus avoid overwatering ;) You can also try covering the containers (with something transparent) to trap moisture in and slow things down if you're afraid it keeps drying out too fast.

    If those still don't work you could try a more complicated germination method and plant them when there will already be something above the surface... but K.I.S.S. and try those first, good luck!!

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, mate.
  5. You might want to let them germinate longer. Try to leave them in until the stem coming out is atleast 1cm. or 1/4in.
    Thats what I did and now at 4 days all are 1 to 2 in. tall. And remember, only plant 1in. or 2.5cm deep, and deeper and they might have trouble coming out.
  6. usually germ and sprout for 24 hours... plant them.... and 2 days later... first set of leaves....

    water the soil as you mix it up.... then put it in the bucket.... plant the germed seed in there... no need to water for a few days or so


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