Watering with H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)

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    Yesterday, I was researching ways to increase the amount of oxygen in my blood stream and I came across this article, The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. I always thought that H2O2 was dangerous if take internally but after reading through other articles I can't find any evidence that mild doses of H2O2, taken orally or intravenously, is anything but beneficial.

    I had never thought about using H2O2 as a plant feeding supplement, but after reading through these articles it makes a lot of sense.

    The H2O2 is unstable and the extra Oxygen attached to a water molecule can easily break away from the molecule and attach itself to another molecule that will easily accept an oxygen.

    As we all already know, plant roots need oxygen, the more the better. After reading through several threads in the City, I see that pretty much everyone seems to think that H2O2 is really bad for marijuana unless it's being used to combat some distress, such as small insects.

    I haven't read any peer-reviewed data on this subject yet and I would really like to see a side-by-side comparison of a control plant vs H2O2 supplemented plant.

    In 31 days I will harvest 2 of my ladies from their bubble buckets and replace them with 2 clones from the same plant. One will be watered like normal, while the other will be receiving 120ml (1/2 cup) of 3% H2O2 per gallon of non-chlorinated water. Ceteris paribus, the only difference between the 2 will be that lil bit of H2O2.

    At the moment, I have in my aero cloner: 4 Super Lemon Hazes and 3 White Widows that I put in last night. I added 15ml 3% H2O2 per gallon of non-chlorinated water, in addition to 1/2 tsp Superthrive, 2 tsp BC Boost (Technaflora), and 1 tsp BC Grow (Technaflora).

    Normally my clones take root in 5 days with that light nute dose, I am hoping that the H2O2 will make them root even faster and stronger.

    I'll show pics of the clones when they root.

    Anyone with experience growing with H2O2 on a regular basis, I welcome your data. :smoking:
  2. hey, wasabe, i have heard of the benefits of its use and I have seen some great results with its use on house plants and vegetable plants, etc. I posted something a while back with a couple of the recipes for use that a friend of mine regular uses for his house and garden plants. i cannot see any reason why the same recipes would not work on our mj. my bud had a small brochure on its many uses for everything from fertilizer/additive to stain remover. I will try to find it and let you know.

  3. Great post wasabe. My grandfather-in-law uses H2O2 internally for it's therapeutic effects and swears by it! He is about 80 and healthy as a horse!!! As far as using it in nutrient solution for your plants, Many people do this for it's anti-bacterial properties in hydro systems but in soil, it will essentially kill all of the beneficial microbes in your soil and potentially adversely affect the grow. To increase the O2 levels in the soils, simply make sure it drains well and has plenty of aeration with perlite or something similar. Good luck
  4. I use hydrogen peroxide on my plants, and have done so for the past two years. Not only does it help control pests/parasites, but it keep roots healthy especially in hydro. It does kill good bacteria in soil, but that can be countered with a bacterial additive. Welcome aboard!! Eagerly awaiting the results of your experiment. ;)
  5. What are the measurements you would use with a hydro set up
  6. Measurements pertaining to...?

  7. part per gallon of solution is what I think he is refering too.... I dont have problems with my nutes gettting all wacky... but this is an interesting topic... makes sense... and if you say it work... very cool
  8. Oh, ok then :)

    That's what I have going atm, and what I plan on in 30 days. :smoke:
  9. To me i always found it odd that H2O2 would kill beneficial. Beneficial are typically oxygen loving bacteria, and i would think that it would not have such a strong negative affect against them. However i have not found any information that says anything other than it kills ALL bacteria.

    H2O2 does give off a free oxygen molecule, however it does so very rapidly. Thus a beneficial result from the Peroxide itself would require frequent dosing. Something to keep in mind

    Based on things i have read, H2O2 is best used as a sanitizer as already stated. Its an effective quick cure for bad bacteria problems especially in hydro, used in conjunction with good aeration, and proper temperatures, you should not come across any problems you can't quickly fix.

    I commend you on your search for TANGIBLE information. I myself am guilty of the same thing many of us are guilty of time to time, and that is believing what we read without seeing it for ourselves. Luckily i have not had problems finding good information to this point. However im glad to see someone stepping up to do a comparison grow for everyones benefit. If there is more benefit to be had with this supplementation, then seeing will be believing :)
  10. Day 6, a little behind my intended schedule. The Super Lemon Hazes are almost ready to move out of the cloner. The White Widows are 1-2 days behind, the genetics on this particular plant make it more difficult to clone and grow. I've had nothing but trouble from this strain.

    So, it appears that 15ml/gallon of 3% H2O2 hasn't really done anything at all to facilitate the cloning process.

    I still intend to run side-by-side comparisons on H2O2 treated water vs what I normally use. Trial to begin in about 25 days.

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  11. Day 7, all are in soil now. :hello:

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  12. how are you doing your cloning? mine never root that fast. i'd love some tips.
  13. Rumpleforeskin's Aero Cloner is what I use to clone. In it I put:

    3 gallons R.O. water
    1/2 tsp Superthrive,
    2 tsp BC Boost (Technaflora)
    1 tsp BC Grow (Technaflora)

    I use 1 or 2 23watt CFLs a couple inches from the tops 24/0. My Speed Queen clones root in 5 days, these 2 strains have been taking a little longer.

    The first time I used that cloner, I used plain R.O. water and my Speed Queeds took twice as long to root, the roots didn't look nearly as good as these and the leaves were much more yellow/brown.
  14. The nutes I'm using is for ~1/4 strength of the lowest veg value on the side of the fert bottles.
  15. Good stuff Wasabe. I cant wait to see the results. I love comparative research. +rep
  16. GRRRR, why does every thread on this site end like this!??!

    No results, just open ended threads...what a pain in the ass.
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    What if he died?

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  18. Maybe he got pinched? Or maybe he tried shooting up a little to much H2O2 ?
  19. He's just lazy and lost interest...

    My set-up is very generic these days...

    600W lamps, CO2 generator, DWC bubble buckets, carbon filter, vortex fan.

    2 weeks cutting to clone, 6 weeks veg, 9 weeks flower. Easy peasy, the op practically runs itself.
  20. h2o2 does seem beneficial ever since I started using only a capful of 3 percent along with unsulphured molasses. THe leaves do look healthier and pest free.

    you can use an h202+a lemon squeeze and a tap of handsoap to kill all the spider mites and flying gnats. the spider mites die and roll off to the top of the leaves.

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