Watering while away?

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  1. I figure this has to have been asked, but search is disabled at the moment.

    Anyone have experience with watering while away? Sometimes I have to go out of town for work, not usually longer than a week. I'm wondering how others have handled that. Thanks!

  2. They use a rope (probably cotton or some such) push it through their planters or bags and put the bags or flower pots ontop of a bucket of water. The rope goes through dirt/medium into the water and wicks water up through the rope, last awhile.

    Other than that I would say having a friend water.
  3. Yeah I went away for 11 days recently so I just topped up a 1litre bottle of water made sure it was light proof to stop it going stagnent and the got a piece of shoelace, poked one end in the soil next to the stem an then curled the lace around in a circle so it evenly spread out around the stem, then put the other end into the water bottle so it reached the bottom. Do not make the mistake of having the plant and bottle at the same level, make sure the plant is higher than the bottle or it will just use it all in a day or two, I can back after 11 days an it was litterally on the last few millimetres of water. Hope this helps :)
  4. Thanks guys. As for having a friend water... I thought about it, but would like to keep the #1 rule in place "tell no one".

    I used to have a reef tank a long time ago and had to use a drip system to feed it liquid calcium. Buddahaze's post just reminded me of that. It was kind of like an IV bag that had a small device on the end of a tub that allowed you to control the flow rate. Hmmm I'll have to find something before I have an unexpected trip.
  5. If these stints out of town are an ongoing and expected part of your life, I suggest investing in an automatic irrigation system. Basically it's a pump, a timer, a reservoir, and a bunch of feeder tubes to deliver water to your plants. Start around $50.
  6. That sounds perfect toastybiz, thanks! I'll get one of those.

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