Watering under trellis net???

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  1. So I want to put a trellis over my plants and I've assembled the frame for it out of pvc but haven't put the net up yet. I watered tonight and quickly realized that using the watering can like I've been doing is definitely not going to work. My question is will one of those pump sprayers for pesticides work? Or is the pressure too much and likely to cause trenching? Any other suggestions? This is my first grow and am kinda lost lol. Thanks

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  2. I think thats how a lot of the people that do a SOG. I think it would work perfect
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  3. I use a watering can. I attached a hose on the spout.
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  4. Thanks guys I appreciate it
  5. I use the Scotts sprayers (I know Monsanto, but)..Cost about the same with a rotating head..Stream, Fan, Cone settings make it easy!

    You could also spread a layer of perlite to help prevent trenching (Good at keeping bug larvae at bay too:))
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  6. I use hydro halos.
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  7. I bought them from 1000 Bulbs. I place my scrog net 8" from the top of my pots which made watering a challenge - with the halos it's simple and easy. I would probably use them even if I didn't do a scrog.


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