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  1. I want some crazy idea's on watering and carrying at long distances. I just noticed half the threads in here should be forum for noobs, just repetitive questions that could be simply answered with a search.

    I was thinking like the asian region with a stick and mutli buckets
  2. fill up like 4 milk jugs and tie/tape them so the handles all face inward...get what im sayin? then you could tie a rope handle to the jug handles and you basically have a 4 gallon bucket full of water.:hello:
  3. Just get two 5 gallon jugs (the ones that go on a water dispenser) with handles. Then you can carry 10 gallons of water. I doubt there is a more efficient way to carry water by hand. Atleast I couldn't think of one lol:smoking:
  4. what about filling up a herbie crubie thing with water . hot air ballon :p
  5. Carrying sucks...I carried out 30-50 gallons per week come July-harvest...but covered and camo'd 5-gal buckets work great.

    There are some guerrilla style water collections BH...dig a large hole and place a tarp in there to collect rain water, or if your able to bring the supplys out something might be better suited for a guerrilla grow...

    Under cover of trees attach a tarp to tree branches and run the tarp into a 55 gal drum to collect as much water near your sites so you don't have to carry it that far...

    OR...you could run the tarp from the tree branches to the ground and run it into either (2) halves of a 55-gal drum to collect as much rain water as possible...everything with the tarps should have that camo netting to cover the tarp so keep it even more hidden...
  6. The farthest I've had to carry water was 1/4 mile. I used a 5 gallon bucket and made a few trips from river to plants.

    Here's a crazy idea. Run a pulley/cable system from where the car is parked to the grow area.

    If your grow is above the water source, like near a cliff. A rope and bucket system can carry water straight up.

    You can dig a well near the plants deep enough to hit permanent water sources. Easier on your own land than in the forest.
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    Very good idea's mate. I also wanna do a pressured water hose operation like i have seen before. Would be awesome!

    A tip from experiences of last year. Swamps are great sources for water for many reasons, they are unusable and very muddy, great source for water if you dig yourself a few swamp holes. I just made a big square and a line by it so it would river it downwards. Always worked great and noone will ever discover it. Just look for main part of flow of water i swamp if no main water is found. Also if you plant close enough to swamp plants will hut water source and get huge. proven last year. Just don't be too close, don't wanna get root root or die from too close to water :D

    Keep it comming guys!

  8. Also I seen a guy on another forum he had a solar powered unit that had plugs on it and he had a water pump, he would let the unit power up and just hook the pump up to that...quickly pumped water for him and he didn't have to carry more then 30lbs (pump and solar unit) and there isn't a loud engine or loud un-natural noises.

  9. Thats a wonderful idea, Solar powered pump.
  10. now even the guerrillas get to start to be lazy, I love it ...:rolleyes:

    only stoners figure out how to make problems work for them ....
  11. a team of dogs with, 2, two gallon containers on each ....

    Pros: lots of predator pee near plot.
    early warning system.
    and food if it freezes early :p

    Cons: early warning system gives away location
    gotta feed em
    scraping the bottom of your shoes :p


  12. your crazy dude. love it :p

    A downhill line would be nice but i think it would be insane after 5gals or more.i wanna make a few tarp water catchers or something, have it drip into a big container. Years to come are going to have great inventions to water moving :)
  13. syphon with a drip system is working for me
  14. Another one that Ive heard about is taking pex tubing and bury it, but before you bury it drill small holes in it where the plants will be planted and cap the end off. At the other end at a higher elevation put a res ug in the ground a bit and it will constantly drip water so make the holes small (1/16") so as the soil drys out the drip system will dry water evenly and you only have to got every week or 2 to fill up the res as needed...and if you have a tarp funnel into that even less if it rains semi-often.
  15. lol I see, You want ideas that are implementable.. sorry thought total fantasy in an joking way was cool. ( actually I think it is ..but you want help, not funnies..)

    how about water wheels, they do not have to be big..just enough to keep water flowing down your pipes..think about it , a used bike wheel, some nuts & bolts, and 5-6 tin cups....

    hook em to the wheel at an angle .. so they dump , just pas the apex of the rotation, and into a funnel ..that is hooked to your irrigation lines.


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