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Watering Question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LEDgrower, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Just wanting to get an opinion on my watering. I know this could have variables with soil, root size, etc. but try and estimate what volume of water you would give per feed for a 3 gallon smart pot? I feel I may be giving slightly too much, I'm watering to run off but I guess I just don't know exactly what "run off" is considered. Should I just be waiting until I see a slight drip from the bottom? Or should I be getting a 1/4 gallon or so back per feeding in my drip pan?

    Using bio-bizz soil which seems to be very coco based I think simple 3 part bottled nutrients but in very small doses as I'm still slightly new to growing so I'm just learning how the plants react.
  2. Pictures... preferably under natural light. Depending on size of plant 1/3 Gallon? 10-20% run off is standard from what I've read.
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  3. U r corect there is alot of variebles like temp and radiation.
    30% runoff is agricultural standart with chemical fertilizers.
    An estimation is posible only when the size of the plant is known and the climate conditions where it grows.
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  4. With 3 gallons of soil you will probably be able to pour in about a gallon of water, or just under. Water until you get run off and then stop for a few minutes and then water again. Sometimes soil dries and shrinks and so when you water, it can run straight through. So watering bit by bit will help
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