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  1. Alright so I have this attic that would be perfect for growing the ganja, only problem is that it would be weird if I went up there every 3 days or so to water it. To get to the attic you gotta pull down a string and stairs come down, blah blah blah, it makes a lot of noise basically.

    I was wondering if there was a way that I would only need to water it once a week or so? Like construct a pump or idk. Any advice would be appreciated. :wave::wave::wave:
  2. I know once the plant and pot they're in get big enough it will only need to be watered once a week, but other than that you could get one of these but idk if they really work, [​IMG]
  3. i wouldnt get one of those ^ they drown the plant in water. just water the plant once a week they can survive a week without being watered, you will get the hang of it and figure out whats best.
  4. maybe consider to grow in plastic containers instead of pots. it works if there are holes at the bottom, and they don't need water that often. but big plants of course need more and more water.

    if you are concerned about roots rotting then mix coco with soil, 1:1 or so.

    you don't need special plant growing containers just the ordinary storage boxes they have around in supermarkets.
    I use them outdoors for all sort of plants even small trees, and everything grows fine.
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  6. You can buy or build an automatic irrigation system starting around $50. Basically it's a reservoir you fill with water, a pump, a bunch of tubing, and each tube ends in a little spray nozzle thing that you clip one into each pot.

    And definitely do not use aqua-globes, they are terrible for MJ. As bedorf said, they will drown the plant (MJ likes to dry out a bit between waterings, yet the whole point of those aqua-globes is to keep the soil constantly moist).

    But...have you checked temps in that attic yet? Attic grows are notoriously difficult for maintaining proper temps. I tried it and gave up, way to hot in the summer and way too cold in the winter, and in the spring and fall it can be both extremes on the same day.
  7. yeah sorry about the aqua globe idea haha i hadn't thought about the whole letting them dry up thing.

  8. thanks a lot for the advice. Really appreciate it. :hello:
    the attic does get extremely hot up there so it might not be my best option :( maybe if i add a great deal of intake/exhausts fans. maybe even a bag of ice next to the intake to pull in cold air :confused: anyway, if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated ;)

    Your Little Green Friend :D
  9. You will never cool off the entire attic. To pull off a grow in a hot attic you should build a box/cab up there, insulate it all the way around, and feed the intake from your house air conditioning system or look in to a window or portable a/c just for the grow op.
  10. Cooling the attic sounds strange to me as well way too complicated.
    Get some storage boxes from supermarket, get a knife poke holes into the bottoms, then fill with ordinary potting soil from bags maybe mix in some coco.

    In the first time they won't need so much water anyway.
  11. Yeah, that is what I was thinking, I have a small stealth veg box right now, but I would like to build a bigger one for the attic. :devious: Maybe I am foolish, but wouldnt insulation increase heat? :confused: Also it is only for two plants, so nothing two fancy.

    Once again, thanks for the help. ;)
  12. Lol sorry to disturb again I have ordered an electronic doorbell from eBay I am a little skilled with electronics so the idea is when someone comes to my door, i just press the remote control button, and the lights inside my MJ nursery go off!

    It is really suspicious there are some rays leaking out if u really look close and that's highly unsual. Maybe something for your attix boxes?
  13. What a great idea! Automated hermaphrodites courtesy of Jehovah's Witnesses and the FedEx man!

    Much easier, and much better for your plants, is simply to light-proof your grow so that there are no light leaks for anyone to see in the first place... :rolleyes:
  14. tooooo funny......toasty's woundup tonight.....keitanakano: Are there black helicopters outside your house?...if your worried about leakage...put a light by the closet, or just pulg the leaks......

  15. hahaha.

  16. yes there are helicopters flying around here in the city.
    and plugging the leaks is not so easy because it is a monolithic kitchen installation, i had a hard time installing the supply wire so it can't be seen. if the lights are off, and someone opens the press door, nothing can be seen I have covered it with a stack of plastic boxes.

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