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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sour Kush, May 10, 2010.

  1. While they are my favorite and normal way of smoking, I come with a question.

    I smoke regularly 3 or 4 times a day out of my waterfall and usually have to make a new one each week because the bottle gets dirty soo quick. It's kind of getting annoying.

    So my question is: Is the weed smoke more harsh in a dirty/resiny bottle or in a plain, new bottle? I ask this only because for the past few days I have been hitting out of one of my older bottles, and the hits don't even have to be big and they drive me into a coughing frenzy, almost to the point of vomiting sometimes.

    Thank you in advance, City!:smoking:

    ( oh and, can you use a bottle so much that the plastic actually begins to wear down and become flimsy, also melting small amounts of plastic into the smoke over time? )
  2. i love waterfalls..A few of those = an intense high..But i just use a new bottle everytime
  3. Had my first one tonight. This beats the hell out of my old flashlite pipe and my apple pipe.
  4. make one with a glass bottle like sobe or arizona ice tea and you can just clean it with alcohol and salt
  5. Oh and does anyone know WHY exactly Waterfalls give such an intense high? I mean with three hits I can start feeling good, that only equals up to about .2-.4 grams. Soo how can I get so high off so little and then smoke out of a bowl and it takes two bowls to get the same high?
  6. that if you can find a half decent glass drill, or you could just try and stab a hole in it with something....
  7. Eh, too much work. I've made them a few times, they take patience, because I won't buy a drillbit for glass, instead I just put a nail through the bottom, usually get it right out of 1/3 bottles.
  8. I'm pretty sure they get you higher because they able to pull out more THC then other methods, since you are using gravity to pull it instead of your lungs.
  9. they always fuck me up, i usually just make one out of a Sobe bottle, i usually keep the bottle and cap with the socket in it but when it starts to get dirty i just use alcohol to clean the resin out of the cap and trash the bottle.

    Off topic: finally got my computer up and running, feels good to be back on the city!

  10. Welcome back buddy. :]

    I love waterfalls. IMO they are the best/smartest way to smoke. They can conserve bud way longer than a bong can. ( Although a nice glass bong beats a plastic waterfall anyday, except for when your running low )

    I bought a 30 sack two days ago ( 5.5 grams ) and I still have 2 grams left ( have been smoking about 3 times a day off of it. )
  11. waterfalls dont get u higher each hit is just bigger so the onset is way more sudden
  12. I'm just saying, if your smoking solo, why not? You'll be conserving the bud, it hits you almost instantly, and you get major rips.

    The only cons are: plastic ( for me) and you can't smoke too fast out of them.
  13. how can i make a waterfall without a socket?
    i heard you can make an aluminumfoil bowl
  14. Why wouldn't you use a socket? If I were you I would TRY my damndest to find one. Wouldn't mess with allumium foil.
    1/4 or 5/16 is the perfect size socket.

  15. dnt have a socket at the moment
  16. #16 Sour Kush, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    You could use a salt shaker cap. You know, the metal ones with holes in it? Set it atop the bottle, light up. =]

    I don't know, something like this.


    Damn, I'm faded. Haha.
  17. I just made my first gravity bong earlier was awesome. I took 3 rips the first sesh and 2 not too long ago, and just those couple rips each time got me super ripped. I think that's what I'm going to start doing from now on if I don't want to use my friend's bubbler or my bowl
  18. #18 iMarty, May 10, 2010
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    You could also always burn a hole in the cap of the bottle big enough for a screen and Voila. Perfect.
  19. i ended up making an aluminum bowl and it worked fine.
    and i have a saltshaker top but its pretty much useless cuz its too big to stay on something without tipping over and you have to be able to quickly put on and remove the bowl for a waterfall
  20. you can use a bong bowl and get some brown tokes :):hippie::metal:

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