Waterfalled and almost died

Discussion in 'General' started by MacB, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Guys,
    I have been an avid toker for about 3 years. This is the first experience I have ever had like this. I was at my friends house and I inhaled a whole bottle of smoke by myself. Immediately after I began to feel nauseous. I was coughing and spitting alot. It was at first the highest I had ever been, but quickly it became the LOWEST I ever had been as I was thinking depressive thoughts. I then puked my brains out and passed out for hours. I woke up now feeling Alright. I'm really worried about smoking again and I really don't wanna give up my recreation. Does anyone know wtf is up??
  2. greened out dude took to much in one hit an u probbaly swallowed some smoke dont worry bout it dude i puked the second time i hit a 2 foot bong an passed out aswell:smoke:
  3. wow for some reason lately ive seen tons of first time posters make threads about weed almost killing them and weed overdoses and shit like that.....just sayin

    but anyway you took too big a hit bro
  4. Headrush. Your body was lacking oxygen for quite a while, and at the same time, being flooded with a shitload of other chemicals.

    Good news is that you cant die from it, but Im going to say a few brain cells did not survive that trip...
  5. Don't do that and you'll be fine.

  6. I hit about 8+ waterfalls every session I use them. You'll get use to it.

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