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Waterfall bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by reefercrazyness, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I purchased a quarter of mids recently and I am used to smoking dank so this high isn't as great. Anyways I was wondering if the waterfall bong would get me higher then a bowl? What are your opinions on the waterfall bong? I have never used one and was considering making one tonight out of a gatorade bottle.
  2. Greasy old fuckin' hauls, do 'em real fast before they get stail. Gets you dicked that's for sure, one of the best things to get lit off I think.
  3. Yea there surprisingly efficient... i'd say out of all dry-toking devices falls get you highest for sure.
  4. Is it as effect or more so then a gravity bong?
  5. Theyre pretty much the exact same thing in my mind.

  6. Okay thanks you. Was just curious since I have used a gravity bong many times.
  7. yea they are pretty much the same thing, but a gravity bong u push the bottle down into the water which forces the smoke into a thicker denser mass and into ur lungs so goes down deeper with better absorption rate.
  8. Lol....they are the same exact concept.

    The both use the removal of water by gravity as suction.
    Literally the same things

    The only difference is a gravity bong is put in a bucket of water.

    Lol, better absorption rate, denser mass?

    You make no sense...
  9. Well I just made one and did 2 bowls and I must say this did get me to where I was wanting to be again :)
  10. I thought so too!

    LOL he's lit.

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