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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PatchAttack, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone. Just got my Haze Dual V3 in the mail today. Wondering what people recommend for a water tool attachment and where u get it from?? Thanks!!!

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  2. PatchAttack I have a Haze and love to use a MFLB Orbiter. I have a rolling tray the same size as the Haze and the Orbiter, (sitting side by side), that I set up. I'm currently designing a holder for both, to hold them together.
    The "f-bomb" and "PNWT" both are good water-tools to use with the Haze. Ratchett, at "Delta 3 D Studios" has some nice stuff for the Haze. His adaptors are very helpful for water tools. Good luck. Doc
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  3. Thanks DynaLowRider. I actually looked at the delta 3d site. Looks pretty decent. The MFLB Orbiter looks nice as well. I'm not really getting big hits from my Haze V3. Is it even noticeable hitting it thru water tool? I blow out next to no vapor when I use my haze. Much different than I expected. I use a Sigelei 150watt box mod with a dual coil setup running
    .4omhs and 5.3V at less than half juice of 60-70watts gets me a HUGE cloud of vapor. Kinda disappointing but hopefully I'll get used to the no vapor of the haze..

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  4. Patch, Are you letting the vapor build up a little? I usually wait a little, (10 sec), to let the vapor buildup between draws.
    I start out on 1 till it gets wispy, then move it on up. Most of the time it's done just before 4. Don't overfill the oven. You need room for vapor in the oven.
    The problem is everyone is different in how they enjoy vaping. I can't tell you how to vape, (just guide lines,) because I might like to vape in a different way. You might have better, (or worse,) product, newer batteries, (higher charged,) cleaner vape. There are too many variables to compare usage.
    Not trying to be a know-it-all, just trying to help. Good luck. Doc
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  5. Thanks man. No offense at all. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah I read in the manual or somewhere to wait 10-15sec after until heating and between draws. I've been using the dry herb can with ss lid and the conduction screens and grinding herb fairly fine and pack it fairly full. I'll try putting a little less in the oven and seeing how that goes. Thanks again buddy

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