Water stains

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  1. Wat can I use to get rid of hard water stains I have soaked it in alchahol an nothing works

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  2. Get some oxyclean CLR. That will clean it. It may make your bong taste like chemmies and you may get sick, but it will be clean.
  3. Never tried this but maybe^
    I always use 99% iso, and alcohol swabs.  Comes out looking like new everytime.  Always use distilled water in my pieces as there are less minerals in it...minerals tend to cause hard water stains, from my experiences anyways.
  4. vinegar kinda worked for me but you gotta leave it soaking
  5. Can you rense the vinegar
    out without it having a after taste

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  6. This might work and it's non toxic I believe. Rock on with your bad self.

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  7. hot but not boiling water with a few drops of vinegar
    my girly told me they do this at tim hortons to get it off the pots for coffee. so i tried this out after trying everything else.
    BAM. my prized possession, my favorite piece, the illest tube i have, went from being nasty disrespectful water stained, to being the piece i remember falling in love with.
    literally a life changing experience. i love you vinegar and hot water. i love you.   
  8. 91 percent and higher alcohol and table salt do the trick... If it doesn't you are doing something wrong.
  9. I have soaked it in 91 percent an nothing

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