Water Runoff...?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by thenewkevsters, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. When i water my plants... will the water run off show the PH of my soil? or do i have to test my actual soil?
    My plants are at about a 7.3ph so im watering them with 6ph. truthfully idk what im doing with the whole ph thing because im a new grower.
    Does this sound ok with what im doing
  2. I just got a huge thing of PH lower and PH higher at the hydro shop for 14$ all together. Pretty stoked. 50% off.

    any suggestions on my question
  3. sorry if seeing a new post gets you excited to see an answer, but i can't help you man lol. I actually wanna know this too.

    i've heard you wanna test the runoff. Not 100% sure on that, but i'm PRETTY sure that's what it is lol.
  4. Well I'm not too sure about testing the runoff water, but I got a ph tester for like $15 or $20 that just has 4 metal prongs you stick in teh soil and it gives you a reading of the ph. And It can't be that off because I did a Full grow to harvest using jsut that thing.
  5. And I dunno about that, if you were going to test the runoff, you would ahve to get the ph level of the water you are using and compare it to the ph level of the run off to get an idea...i think. because if you just test the runoff i think that would be telling you mainly jsut the ph of the water you are using but again, i'm not sure. But it sounds like it makes sense to me.
  6. I had that one but the PH part didnt tell me the correct reading. So i got just a basic droplet soil tester
  7. Made me laugh.
  8. Probes for the soil have been knowen to be inaccurate...for soil ph the water/with nutes if your adding to near 6.5 over water so 20/% runoff comes out the bottom of the container...make sure that you have holes in the bottom of your pot...test this runoff for the ph...if it higher then what you stuck in adjust water going into the soil lower...if its higher then adjust the water going in to your soil higher...small steps when adjusting either way so you dont shock your girl. Search button all kinds of results..down load a copy of the growers guide and then three ring bind it.

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