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  1. So I just did a reading on the PPM from my tap, and it averages 190PPM. Is this a good level for my water, or should I pay for distilled/RO water?
  2. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=55810

    If you're handy you can make your own filter on the cheap. Would pay for itself in no time instead of buying distilled water.

    Your PPM is high to start with and you don't really know what %'s of what chemicals are floating around in it. So starting with distilled/RO is the safest way to go and easiest to manage. But you will most likely not run into major problems using your tap water. Maybe let it sit out in a container for a day or two to let some chemicals in it evaporate.

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    Turns out those MrClean Autodry are discontinued, but I can find them online.

    Theres a store right next door that sells RO water for $0.41/gal, you just need your own containers. Luckily I have 2 5 gal containers, so I might just go that route when I can... in the mean time, seems like my tap water is doing okay. Will definitely try to make one of those home water purifiers.

    What if I boiled the water then let it cool before using it?
  4. Hard water - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Boiling it will only do so much, especially if the ppm is made up of more minerals like sulphates and the ones posted above.
  5. Wow...

    Thank you for the GREAT answers. I am going to boil some water and see what the PPM is once it is cooled. I assume this would be a decent way to determine at least SOME of the contents in the water?
  6. Yes you will know, to an extent, what could be making up your tap waters ppm by doing that.
  7. Boiling your water is useless.... after boiling for 20 minutes, the PPM was unchanged.
  8. PureWaterClub.com

    64 bucks... you need to use a R.O. filter, your water is considered hard
  9. Once I get the cash that thing will be on the way.

    Thank you SO much for the link, you may have just saved me $150.
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    no problem, i have one and use it... works great... and i've recommended them to other board users and they all seem to work really awesome..

    Just so your aware... I have had one person contacting me that they had a problem with some parts they received... he contacted me thinking i worked for them... I had to send about ten emails before they responded... but they did respond eventually and he did get all the parts he should have received not broken

    something else you should know about R.O. units...

    do not attempt to add a pressurized tank even with backflow check valves(*unless the unit comes with one at purchase, it was designed to work)... it will not work...

    but, adding a stealth float to the end of the good water supply will work... I added one to a five gallon bucket with a ball valve at the bottom and it was the best thing i ever did... i have five gallons of water on hand whenever i need it... there are pics in my journal i think if you need visuals...

    either way... this is a good purchase... i have a stealth hydrologic 100 and just the filters that I have to replace every six months(super hard water) are 90 dollars... so 180 a year... I could get three brand new units a year with purewaterclub and have the same amount of clean water that the stealth hydrologic can produce... makes me wish i never got the hydrologic unit... but now i have a dedicated unit for under the sink

    good luck
  11. I have plenty of navy blue totes (I'm moving my DWC up to 4 plants after my first cycle) so I'm not worried about storing my water. How large is the tank that come with it though? Or do I need to attach something myself?
  12. there is no tank with the 64 dollar R.O. unit... I actually went out and got one(bout fifty bucks) and i found my PPM went up using it... removed the tank and walla 15 PPM(side note my PPM was originally about 450)

    i mean seriously what do you expect for 64 bucks... they do have a hundred dollar unit that has larger filters and a tank...

    I don't even see how these guys make money with units so cheap... but the site was recommended to me from Rumple... and I have had nothing but solid words about that site since i started using their products... OK so one person(that i know of) got broken parts.... but eventually he got his parts and was happy... might not re-use the site, but he got what he paid for

    so this is why I posted the info.... you don't need the pressurized tank... just a stealth float and some sort of container to hold the water... a ball valve at the bottom is nice to get the water out(if the container is off the ground) otherwise you need some way to get the water out of the container
  13. So there's just a hose that runs out of the filter system at the end of the last filter?

    Sorry if I'm being a bother, I just want to make sure I have everything I need to set it up. I was thinking about just turning it on when I need the water and having it collect in my totes.
  14. yeah, just the 1/4 inch line... same as a refrigerator water line
  15. Awesome!

    Thank you for the very informative help! Shit, you should contact these guys for how much business you send them they probably owe you a chunk of change!!!

    Haha, wouldn't that be nice...

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