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  1. My water from the hose comes out at 7.5. If I typically ph my water in a bin with my nute feeds to 6.5, would it be alright to feed 7.5 water straight from my hose in between nute feeds? Thanks
  2. Yh it will be fine man. All the water is for is to stop the nutes chrystalizating around your roots and that's stops the feed from getting in to the plant. So it will be ok to feed your plants water straight from the tap. I do it and it's work at just the same. Just make sure that u leave the water to air out for 24 hours.................

  3. I use water from a well. 7.5 ph and tons of micro nutrients. I usually poor what I need into a bin and ph it down to 6.5. I was wondering if I could be lazy and just water straight from the hose..
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    Well u would not mate. Thats a bit high for ph and 6.5 is to high if growing out side I don't go any higher than 6.2. But if u don't ph your water, I will stress the plant out and take a way your true 5 leafs and put it down to 1 leafs. Then your plant will not bud as good. So all ways ph your water. Trust me mate put every thing in to your plant u can and do every thing u can, don't be lazy. Cos for them few months that u put work in on. U cud come out with some nice bud.........
  5. so what's a good way to ph down that tap water with out using the nutes... for the waterings inbetween feedings?

    kinda looking to do the same but my tap is up around 8 so I need it too come way down,
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    Just use ph down. It's a chemical which puts your ph down but only use about 1 or 2 drops for every 10lt of water. It's the easiest and best way to do it, I don't no of no other way but using ph down.....
  7. I was under the understanding that the best PH of your water for SOIL is debated from being 6.3-6.8. 10 years ago everyone thought it was 7.0. Thats why I feed at 6.5

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