water or fertilizer???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sweetbaby, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. yesturday i cut the topps off 3 ladies.i left the lower branches with buds in hope that the rest will get bigger.the ladies were in 12/12 since april 20.they were 55 days.since they havent had fertilizer since may 23. as im letting them grow 2-3 more weeks,would i go back to giving them fertilizer for a few more weeks. any advice???
  2. HIGH All, mmmm good one!! Me they All come down at once....maybe feed them one more feeding and then flush mode again. Have fun sweetbaby that's what it's All about.
  3. l,d proberly just flush :D

    The cleaner the better in my pipe.

  4. HIGH All, yes I thought that too...she said

    So I was thinking one more feeding and then flush the last week or so again..and your pipe will be clean my friend.

    Me...like I said...come down at once...have to get new babies in there right away.
  5. however, at the end of flowering the leaves turn yellow. they turn yellow cause they're sucking all the nutients out of them for the bud growth. i'd stick with what you're doing... you know it's all good when you have buds anyway.

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