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  1. So Ive decided to use a water only recipe for my first grow.

    [FONT=&quot]- 1 Bag FoxFarm Ocean Forest
    - 1/4 Bag FoxFarm Light Warrior
    - 5 Cups Vermiculite
    - 10 Cups Perlite
    - 4 Cups worm castings

    [FONT=&quot][/FONT]The OP said not to put seedlings in this mix until the 2nd or 3rd week. (because they'll get burned)

    My question is, can I plant the seeds in the fox farm ocean forest mixed with the light warrior? And then transplant into this mix after 3 weeks?

    Or should i just plant into a regular potting soil like miracle grow or something else???

  2. Thats all you mix is mate you haven't got any amendments worm casts perlite and vermiculite wont burn a plant
  3. ISellBomb

    First of idk how they didn't ban your username, secondly the soil mix you listed above is going to barely get you through veg let alone flower.

    Have you already bought these items or are you still window shopping? Also whats your vague location so we can maybe better source you amendments if you choice to mix your own soil which everyone is going to tell you to do.

    FF is crap, plain and simple, Miracle Grow is the devil in a bag.

    If you HAD to I would veg in the Light Warrior with some added castings and perlite.

    I suggest you read some more before you jump into this full throttle and have your soil crap out on you, because besides Genetics, your soil is the most important part of how your plant is going to grow.
  4. FF is crap, plain and simple, Miracle Grow is the devil in a bag.

    Right on Haggard! Lol

    Couldn't stay away huh? :)

  5. Sick haha had the past 3 days off from work.

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