Water Mixtures

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  1. I remember hearing some crazy stuff years ago about how people were either watering or spraying the plants with other prescription medications, embauming fluid and crap like that.

    I have been asking around, has anyone heard of such?

    I figured if there was some 'magic' potion, I would have read about it already so maybe what I heard back then was BS.

    (by years ago, I mean the 80's)

    I was just wondering if you guys heard anything of the sort.
  2. Have not heard of that at all.....
    At least people not doing it intentionally.

    However - if you are watering with tap water the chances are pretty good that all of what you listed is in the water.
  3. I was thinking that it was a bunch of BS. I wouldn't be putting chemicals on my stuff, I was just wondering.
  4. But there is a magic potion you can give your plant. Its called ADVANCED NUTRIENTS. I recommend the foxfarm line of liquid and soluble.
  5. Water and the 13 nutrient plant take in to grow! Could add some seaweed emulsion and some mushroom (Mychorize)!
  6. Oh yes Mycorrhizal! Natures magic fungi. Get Great White, this will do wonders for your plant
  7. I actually just read an article as to where people dip their weed in the embauming fluid, it is real, it causes brain damage.

    Crazy Stuff.

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