water level of water pieces

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  1. this is mainly referring to bongs, but how much water do you put in yours? i have an ashcatcher on mine so i like to use a little extra to reduce drag a little.
  2. ash catcher would change the amount of water you put in the bong. you put just enough to cover the diffusers in the downstem. If there are no diffusers, put enough water to cover the downstem like a 1/4 inch.
  3. using more water to reduce drag?
    sorry but you've got it wrong. your ideal water level is like right above the slits/holes(if your downstem/perc is diffused) or hole(if its not diffused).

    minimal water = minimal drag
  4. yeah, i have a diffused downstem. but with the ashcatcher on it it seems that more water helps it to milk easier, maybe it's just me
  5. i think he means he puts more water in the ashcatcher not the bong base

  6. my only insight into this is that the extra water allows you to have a more slow, controlled toke. i'd empty the water then try again breathing in much more slowly, that'll really get it to milk
  7. thanks, you just helped me realize this.

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