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water level in bongs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by umopp, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. ok how far above the highest diffuser hole should i put the water?
  2. I don't put it more than a quarter inch or so... but it depends on the bong in my opinion... Others probably will differ, but that's my thought
  3. alright thanks man
  4. i put a little extra it seems to clear faster and the hit is smoother. although sometimes i will put the water level just above the holes and rip it hard and oh boy it'll put your head down haha
  5. your stem should be about an inch under water minimum. if you can get more water in there go for it, just dont get your weed wet.

    it'll cool the smoke more and filter it better the more mass of water thats in there.
  6. Yea, I don't go more than a 1/4in over the bottom, or the last diffused hole.
  7. i usually go alittle more than 1/4 of an inch over the last hole
    wich makes the stem prolly 3/4 of in inch under water

    some times if the weed is harsh i will put more
    or if its smooth tastey weed i might put less

    but i usually start at a base line of about 1/4 of an inch, smoke one bowl then decide
  8. The water should be approx. 1 inch above the highest hole(if you have a diffuser)

    Learned this from when I bought a hookah
  9. Hmmm I find it interesting everyone is saying atleast an inch over the last hole. I'd hate to rip one of your bongs with all that drag.

    For me I put it maybe at most 1/4 inch above the last diffuser hole.

    Less water=Less drag
    Less drag=Less lung power needed
    Less lung power=Bigger Rips
  10. yep :)

    I absolutely hate havin too much water in my bong... already have to have it higher cuz i broke the bottom of the diffused downstem off (not diffused anymore)

    and not just because of the drag, thats no big deal to me, but its the splash... ever since I broke that bottom part off it splashes like crazy.
  11. I like to use my bong as a drinking glass. So I fill it all the way up.

    LOL just joking. 1/4in-1/2in above the highest hole in the diffuser.
  12. 1/4 an inch is too low. When you begin to rip it the water level moves because of the bubbles. You're getting less drag because not all of the smoke is being filtered.
  13. Disagree. To an extent. Sure if you suck that bong like your life depends on it then yes of course that will result. Also the angle of the downstem must be taken into account. But in my experience a normal hit will not cause that to happen.

    You might have different experiences but most tokers I know follow the same rules as I when it comes to filling a bong.
  14. Since I don't use an ashcatcher I like to make sure all my smoke is filtered. :D
  15. i put as little as possible
  16. i put enough water in so that there maybe a little over a 1/4in over the top diffuser hole. i only have straight tubes, so i like to let the smoke bubble more with the little extra water. i know a lot of people say fill it to *just* over the diffuser holes, but the extra water will cool the smoke a little more and will assure maximum diffusion.

  17. agreed.:)
  18. Personally, I like a lot of water in my bong. Pretty much as much as I can get in there without it coming out of the downstem. Is this bad in anyway?? I do it for the added filtration and cooling since I dont have an I/C.
  19. sometimes....i dont even put water in my bong

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