Water for hydroponics?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by christymichelle, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. just wondering what the people who use hydroponics use for their water nutrients.
    my friend recommended that i buy infant water, because its pure distilled and has nothing bad in it, cause its for babies.
    any recommendations?

    also which would be better for your plants, a continuous flow of water (pump) or just sitting the plant, inside a wrap that doesnt let the soil pass, and lets the roots grow out past it and into the water for nutrients? thanks.

  2. Use RO water (Reverse Osmosis Water) and you'll most likely have the best results.
    If you're looking for nutrient suggestions... the Lucas Formula is simple enough for anyone to get right the first time and always gets good results.

    Depends on what you already have set up. If you haven't set anything up yet then I would highly recommend the Bubble Bucket method

    If you already have something going and you're not going to change it... people will need to know what it is to give advice on the pump question :)

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