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water fight,lol.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 2, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. l tell ya l,am the biggest kid on the block.Water fights up and down the street ,lol.All out war ,lol.everyone ,young ,old ,visitors ,people walking past ,l got the lot with the hose tonight .shit l had fun and ,l was gonna say they are still talking to me but "Hey come out of hiding so we can kill ya " l don,t know? ya reckon they still love me or what ?,lol.p.s.lts still 90 deg at 8.30 pm ,humidity 99%.fuck its hot . So how deep is the snow and water level?.

  2. how could they not? :D
  3. as l duck and weave around the house and yard trying not to be paroniod l ask myself why are all these people chasing me ,arh ,proberly, stml, l remember l,am still wet ,lol.
  4. Critter the old kid.. I like being a kid sometimes.. Breaks the monotany of being a resposible older person.

    I love p[laying the water game too. I got the youngest one of those water cannons a couple years ago. He kept catching me when i wasn't looking.

    I hid it from him then when he was least expected, I gave him a shower with it!
  5. lol, sounds great... snow levels here are down to about 4" (not counting the big piles from the plows). not bad considering we had 2' on the ground last week :D

    i miss being a kid... although i sorta still am. so much fun :)
  6. being a kid's the greatest isnt it? When I used to work at best buy, the bosses brought some water guns (the serious ones like super soakers) to a store meeting one morning. In good kid fashion, my department mates and i hit the toy store on the way back from lunch break and bought some of those ones that you have to strap on your back! Can you see it? a buncha salesmen chasing each other around teh store, setting up ambushes and everything! all the while, customers were wondering what the fuck this place was turning in to. That had to be the only perk of the job.

    Much love to water fights!
  7. *sigh*

    Only thing we could have around here is a sword fight with icicles.

    I'm gonna box myself up and FedEx myself to ya. You can come back with me when winter comes to your half of the world.

    Send me your address!

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