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Water fall bong gravity bong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Ive been smoking for a while and well i just dont know what the hell they are but i here about huge ass hits so i must try? So if someone could put some shit on how to make it or something like that (pix would be best) it will be greatly apreciatted....
  2. Idk i just wanna know how to make all the gravity water fall bongs... I know what a lung is and it doesnt sound as cool as water fall and gravity bongs do... thanks for the quick reply...
  3. I usually just suck from the top, not the side. I make hole in the lid and put the bowl in that so I can screw it on and off as needed. And I never get around to using tape either. I just hold my finger over the bottom hole. What's real nice is if you can run a downstem from the bowl to the bottom of the bottle and have a filtered water bong. Those are smooth hits.
  4. Yeah don't listen to THC101, what you are talking about is indeed called a waterfall bong. A gravity bong is different though, that's when you take something like THC's parachute bong but without the bag and use a container of water for suction.
  5. Gravity bong is more of a category. Waterfall bongs are gravity bongs. Bucket bongs are gravity bongs. Lungs are kinda gravity bongs. Most of the time when you say gravity bong, people think of bucket bongs.
  6. Yeah dude you drew it it's what you want it to be lol.
  7. Parachute bong? wtf? first of all it's called a lung, second it's not even a bong. bong use water.
  8. ^ different strokes, different folks dude ^
  9. Okay let me get this straight u put the bowl on top of like a bottle then put the bottle in like a tub and somehow it sucks the water down?
  10. light the bowl and slowly lift the bottle up. The suction will pull the smoke in the bottle. Be careful not to take the bottle all the way out of the water our you'll lose your smoke. This is a bucket bong by the way. A waterfall doesn't need a tub of water.
  11. Whats a waterfall?

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ that site should explain everything. the term bail i think is a bowl... sounds like a british slang. i could be wrong.
  13. you're link is broken, buddy.

    A waterfall bong is a bottle with a bowl on top and a small hole in the bottom. Fill with water. Cover the hole on the bottom. Stick the bowl on top. Light and uncover the bottom hole. The water slowly runs out and fills the bottle with thick smoke. You then take the bowl off the top and inhale.

    A bucket bong is a bottle with a bowl on top and the bottom cut off. You submerge it in water except for the top. Put the bowl on. Light and slowly lift. The bottle fills with smoke. When the bottom of the bottle is near the top of the water, stop lifting. Take the bowl off. Put your mouth over the top and inhale. The bottle will suck down into the water while you suck on the top and your lungs will fill.
  14. Guys its called a lung. You get a bread bad and cut the bottom of a liter of a soda bottle. Then you make a bowl or use one that you already have. Light the lighter and pull down on the bag and the smoke will fill it like a "lung". Then once you get your desired hit you then inhale and enjoy.

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