Water every day or every few day?

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    Why do people recommend watering every 3 days or so? Why not water just a little bit every day?

    Also, how much water for a few small plants. I'm growing outdoors in 5 gallon fabric pots with Michigan super soil mix. I started late. My plants are only about 15" and about to start flowering. Been doing 3 gallon jugs of water every 3 days for 6 plants. More, less, or about right?
  2. water when they need it....
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  3. Keep it simple man, water when needed. If the pot feels light that's when I water.

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  4. Thanks guys. Do I basically just water until I see runoff?
  5. I avoid watering often to avoid root zone problems like root rot and pests. You're doing fine
  6. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the heads up.

    Does anything change when you go into flowering? Water more, less?
  7. I cheat....sub irrigated planters and let them water themselves. I used to water traditionally.. .never again will i be held down by a plants watering needs
  8. I'll have to look into that. Next year I plan to invest more into my grow. Sounds way easier. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Doesn't take much investment.....i do it dirt cheap......pun intended
  10. I'm no cannabis expert, but worked with plants before for work.
    Water good and let dry, and repeat as necessary.

    I'm guessing constantly wet soil will grow other things like mold or pests.

    I was told to let soil dry first, then water.
  11. Sometimes the plant will use more water in flower because it begins its rapid growth phase. It's not usually that much more, just keep an eye on them
  12. I noticed that a few of my leaves are yellow up on top. A friend of mine said to cut back on the water a little. Thoughts?
  13. Not from water probably over feeding it or it's to close to the lights
  14. I'm growing outdoors and I'm using super soil, Michigan mix. Is it possible to overfeed via super soil?
  15. In never used super soil but I'm sure theirs a chance the soils to hot.got any pics?
  16. I do have pics but I'm away for the weekend. I'll post them up when I get back. Recently, they seem to be growing much faster than before. I watered them yesterday before I left and they seem to have turned a bit yellower right after that.

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