Water Curing

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  1. anyone ever heard of this? my first time reading it,

    A recent method of curing is called water curing. This method is quicker and can improve a lower quality product. The freshly cut buds are submersed in water for a period of 7 straight days, changing the water daily. The buds are then dried and are ready to use. Using this method, nutrients can be fed to the plants right up until they are harvested because the water flushes out harmful chemicals (such as the ones used to feed the plants) as well as proteins, sugars, pigments and some resins. This also increases the THC to weight ratio[35] though many believe the finished product is not as attractive as using a standard dry and cure method.
  2. Let me know how turns out should be a good laugh
  3. would like to see how this works, i've heard of it done (other places besides this forum)

    i mean theoretically... i dont see why not, but, im a firm beleiver in if it aint broke, dont fix it, and jars, aint broke..
  4. I'm pretty sure you have to use RO water for this. Though, I've definitely have heard of this before.
  5. You try and let us know! Wont be experimenting like that on my buds
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    it is a legit method, i tryed it in the past but personally i didnt think it anything special myself, it made the smoke extrmely smooth, even "light" through the bong, but the stone was still there, its claimed it "can" make the bud more potent, but not 100% sure on this, it didnt so much make the bud more potent for me, but i think the theroy goes that once the bud is dryed it still has the same amount of THC but theres less bud(whats gone with the water) hence in a way i guess that bud is now stonger
  7. I'm also thinking of using this method as I have been battling powdery mildew and have used a sulphur burner late in flowering. My hopes are that the water will rinse away any residual sulphur and mildew. People have been doing this for years. Sounds like the downside is in how presentable the nugs are. They just don't look/smell as good. And it's faster!
  8. ya i like it
  9. It sounds like a good optipn if it was something you had to do. Otherwise I would just do things the way I normally do.

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