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Water Bottle Bong [Help!]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iHollandsHope, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Me and a couple of my buds are wondering if any of you could help us make a really good water bottle bong in a couple of minutes. The reason none of us have a bowl or bong is because my friend Jared dropped our only bowl with us and broke it... Anyways we need you Grasscity please help!
  2. Google and youtube are your friends. Dont use a plastic downstem. Dont use anything plastic as a bowl. Use aluminum foil, not tin. Dont seal any holes/cracks with any kind of superglue or plastic. Thats all i can think off off the top of my head. Pretty high.

    Edit: And welcome to the city:smoke:
  3. It all helps don't worry! Youtube and Google are quite good but I feel the people here are more experienced at this kind of McGyver smoking tactics!
  4. If your real tight on materials you can use marker to make a down stem but make your bowl from a pop can and sand off the ink on can twist it into a cone and make a built in screen by folding over the metal 3 times. bowl should be big enough to pack a .3 its USDA grade steel so it cannot leach any chemicals. make sure that its far enough up so the plastic down stem doesn't get hot . seal the down stem to the bottle with gum .Good luck. Ps arizona ice tea bottles work great.
  5. Things you can use for ghetto bowls: Tin Foil, Metal Pen Cap, Socket, Ratchet, Hollow Door Stopper, etc. Basically anything that is steel and can act like a bowl. Now when making your bong, remember that it beingairtightis one of the most important things for it to work effeciently. Make sure the space where you stick the downstem in is very closed up, with hot glue or lots of duct tape. The rest you should be able to find on youtube videos, good luck to ya!
  6. If the hot glue is touching any area that could get hot its gonna release bad chemicals into your smoke. the same goes for plastic.
  7. Materials...2 Smart Water Bottles...the larger the better (SMART WATER BOTTLES no subs)
    2 Pill Bottles that fit without the cap, on top of the smart water bottles. Take one of the smart water bottles and cut off the bottom inch of it so you have a bottomless one. On the second water botte attach the pill bottle so the top hole of the pill bottle goes over the top part of the waterbottle, which you poke houndreds of holes with a pin on the cylinder part of the pill bottle. Once attached...if you found a good fit bottle it should stick without any tape...glue place the first bottle (the one without the bottom) over the 2nd bottle (the one with the pill bottle top) should create a seal without need of tape or glue. now use a candle to slowly melt a hole about 1 inch from the bottom of the lower smart water bottle make it small, and insert the gray plastic part of a sharpie with holes in the bottom for diffusion. If you do it correctly the hole should be soft enough for the shape of the sharpie to make a tight seal around it add water to bottom and top chambers and hit of the best pieces i ever made when i was just starting to smoke. ...i know its confusing ask any questions you might have.

  8. this made no sense to me. like at all.
  9. kids trust me, please invest in glass of at least an acrylic bong. plastics and foils are super bad for you.
  10. Alright dude. Here are the steps.

    1. Buy a glass bong
    2. Get high
    3. Stare at your water bottle for a good five minutes, realize how stupid that would've been, and proceed to laugh for ten minutes straight.

  11. dude when i got my first piece i was like wtf was i thinking lololol
  12. [quote name='"NorthEastStoner"']

    dude when i got my first piece i was like wtf was i thinking lololol[/quote]

    Yea we've all been there ahaha.
  13. Use and apple, Tutorials on youtube.
  14. get some papers/blunt wraps and roll bro. If you need help on rolling theres a bunch of tutorials on youtube.
  15. Okay here's how you do it (SUPER SIMPLE): Materials - water bottle, aluminum foil, sharp object, and a straw.

    1.) Take any water bottle, I like aqua pods.
    2.) Take the cap off of the water bottle. Then put a very small piece of aluminum foil over the top of it.
    3.) With a sharp object, preferably a toothpick, poke like 7-10 small holes in the foil that is wrapped around the cap.
    4.) Cut a very very small hole, just tight enough for a straw to fit in, into the side of the water bottle. Place the straw in the small hole and wahlah!
    5.) Test out this piece by sucking in through the straw and covering the foil to see if the airflow stops. If it stops, you are good to go!
  16. Watter bottle for chamber, middle section of a pen for downstem and a wrench bit for the bowl. Put it together how a bong would be, it works quite well.

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