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Discussion in 'General' started by triplecde, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. So im just curious when your watching certain tv programmes or movies, will they be better if your stoned? Or do people just get stoned to lie down and watch a movie/tv for the fun of it? Ive been smoking for a while now but i never get the giggles, so i did try it, i smoked a fat joint just before watching harold and kumar, it was funny but nothing that was laughing out loud, something that really made me want to keep laughing. Any ideas at all noble friends.
  2. Some are better high, some are actually worse. A lot of times I find my mind wanders when i'm high and I can't pay attention to the movie as well.
  3. Sometimes I really enjoy what I'm watching, other times I just notice how bad some acting is.. it seems to really stand out while I'm baked.
  4. I personally hate nowadays T.V. I would rather just blaze up and watch something more from the 90's. I loved watching Boy meets world and The fresh prince of bel air, I feel like when I was younger I didn't get most of the show and now that I am older I can really appreciate it more and Its much better than anything on television now in my opinion.

  5. this. for me comedies are better sober. idk why. i prefer a good gritty crime drama like Brooklyns Finest (such a good movie if you havent seen it i 'high'ly recommend it). i just get so immersed in them. the crow was also good baked.
  6. true that. tv sucks now... and so do games... the 90's is where its at. and i feel you on not getting a lot of whats going on in the shows like this for example
    [ame=]Hey Arnold! "Drug" Reference? - YouTube[/ame]
    i never would have caught that when i was a kid.

    but stuff like white collar and burn notice are the shit. they're my 2 favorite shows.

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