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Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, May 30, 2009.

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    I have this problem....

    I set up instances or situations that will stir up emotion in another, usually a stranger, for the sole reason of viewing his/her reaction. I am a big student of human nature, and nature in general. I love watching how one person reacts differently than another to the same set of stimuli.

    It's almost a sadistic experiment.

    Any emotion. Happiness, anger, joy, sadness, rage, frustrations, annoyance.

    My two favorites are posting threads here and setting up situations while driving.

    For example.... I posted two threads today. Both had a lot of responses, almost split 50/50 negative/positive. When doing this here, I first scan all responses, then personally respond to those who seem to show the most emotion or who seem to be most into said thread. I'll post a thread on herb, what this site is made for, and get 2 responses.

    Sometimes, the people here are fucking hilarious. How angry they get over some stupid conversation with a stranger, on the internet, you'll never meet... it boggles my my mind.

    Just by posting a slightly-semi controversial topic, you can gauge several differnet types of personalities.

    There are those who are impatient... you can tell this when they respond to something you've said and they wind up looking like an idoit because the answer is in the thread, and they just didn't read it.

    There are those who are over-anyalitical/obsessive.... ones who copy and paste every sentence and respond to each individually.

    There are those who are very thorough in their reponses, quoting resources and other online materials, and giving examples.

    There are those who obviously get upset and just start swearing.

    There are those who don't know how to hold a normal arguement and fly off the handle..... especially when Mojo throws a little 'inspiration' in there ;)

    Then there are the select few who can be indifferent to bullshit for the sake of a conversation.

    When I do this in the car.... man. I should probably stop because sometimes I drive through some tough areas. I don't want to get shot.

    The most common situation is when someone behind me is obviously in a hurry and trying their best to get around, past, whatever. The worst thing anyone could ever do while driving near me is ride my ass. You will regret it. Trust me.

    Here is a good for instance, that happened this morning...... I was driving, minding my own business, when I check the rear view and see this little shit flying up behind me. He was one of those kids who go to Pep Boys and make their '97 Civic look like a Matchbox car and sound like my go-cart. (By the way guys... those stickers and Autozone spoilers give ATLEAST 20hp... good job!)

    This little kid, clearly on his way to high school (we were one turn away from the street to school around 7:25a). So he thinks it's cool to get on my ass so much that I can't even see his front bumper. At first, I throw up my arms and give him the old, 'What the fuck? Where am I going to go?".

    He then swerves back and forth like he's fuckin Dale Jr. under a caution. So... I stop. I don't look at him, get out, anything. I just stop for about 15 seconds. Meanwhile, several cars are building up behind us. And to me, this is great because everyone behind the d-bag is pissed, and it is technically my fault.... but my over-rationalizing brain makes me think it's the kids fault.

    So he tries to go around (which is what I was waiting for). I have a '05 Colorado with an inline 5cyl (biggest engine the Colo has) and a (waaaay to expensive) K&N intake.... not a big strong truck, but it will dust a lot of 4 and 6 cylinder passenger cars. So he tries to go around when traffic clears on the other side (double yellow, oh now!!), so I burn 'em, dust him, and don't let him.

    Eventually we get to the high school turn where it becomes two lanes, a left turn lane and a right straight lane. I'm going straight, and he is turning. He pulls up next to me, staring me down, then swearing and everything. I MAKE SURE that the first thing he sees is me laughing at him.

    I roll down my window and casually say, 'Sorry, bro. There was a squirrel, had to stop.'

    I think this is a problem because now a days, I don't realize I am doing it. I mean, I could (again) over-rationalize and say it is for research. Lame, you say?? I actually have a notebook on the intiricies and idiocyncracies of these situations.

    Maybe one day I'll write a book:

    'MoJo, the asshole, and the Human Response'.
  2. i enjoy dead baby jokes for the shock value. if that counts.

    nothing as entertaining as seeing the looks on peoples faces after you tell them this one.

    what is the difference between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a baby?


    i don't fuck the sandwich before i eat it.
  3. Sounds like you have a wonderful life.

    I hope one day when i grow up i can be just like you.

  4. Thanks. You just made yourself a statistic in the MoJo book of resposes!

    I can't get enough, man. Maybe I should study human nature instead of ornathology!
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    I like seeing peoples reactions... to an extent. You should find a hobby man, not even trying to be mean but completely serious..

    Oh geez thats even worse than I imagined.:confused_2:

    I honestly don't think anyone would read the book, it would be you thinking your clever and having a mindset of you thinking your better than everyone else because your not a statistic of your cool "experiments" that you imagine in your own mind..

    Being honest.
  6. So your a real life troll?
  7. Sounds like an excuse for two bullshit threads, imho.

    No offense.:rolleyes:

  8. Thats the thing.... I have two hobbies that combined, leave me with no time for much of anything.

    I am a very serious (obsessive) bird watcher and I play guitar. I work with birds, volunteer as a docent at my local Audubon Center, I volunteer to band birds. I'm going to Great Gull Island (off Long Island) in 3 weeks to band terns for a week.

    This 'affliction' is just passing by randomness that I often don't plan. Sometimes the threads here are specifically for that reason. But usually the members turn it into that!

    Shit. If I didn't have my hobbies I really think I'd still be using. Hobbies are a MUST! Good point. Perhaps I need another?
  9. you should probably seek professional help... its now obvious

    that was my immediate thinkin
  10. i do the same thing all the time in real life

  11. Why would I need an excuse?? I'm not sorry.

    If anything, it would be an excuse for way more than 2!! lol.

    And I think I am anything but cool. I'm the un-hippest dude out there. I smoke pot with like 3 people, work, watch birds like an old fart, then stay home at night and usually on weekends.

    There is a HUGE difference between trying to be 'cool, as you put it (what is cool, anyway... you??), and being one's self.

    I've never apologized, rationalized, or excused anything I say or do because I don't regret it, don't care what you think, and don't feel the need to change for anyone.

    Ta ta tokers.
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    i definitely never called you cool

    and dude, nobody's gonna play your "game" anymore (meaning respond to your threads) after you've announced your "sadistic" experiment to everyone lol
  13. Well good.... because I'm not! lol.

    (My fault.... I jumbled the posters and read too fast..... I fit into my own catagory!!)
  14. "It's almost a sadistic experiment".

    ^^^^I think this says a lot about you. You're one of those people that love to fuck with people. You would definately get an emotional response out of me!

    I have a lot of the same kinds of experiences. It's life. But I don't go looking for it, but love to put assholes in their place.
  15. its too bad you cant go purchase "a life" from behind the counter at a local pharmacy. i would donate some money to you to go buy one.
  16. I'm an asshole on the road. Everyday on the drive home for work, I drive on this overpass that passes over a pretty big road. Right before the overpass, it merges into one lane. So every time I drive there now, I merge early because its easier. However you have those fuckers who insist on speeding past and trying to cut in front of people before it merges.. every time I see one of those sacks of shit, I speed up and make sure he cannot merge and has to stop and WAIT for someone nice enough to come along and slow down enough to let him merge. Then as I'm driving past, I make sure to flip them the bird. I equivalate it to cutting in line.
  17. oh man i love fucking with people when there riding my ass as i drive down the road...hell your right evoking emotional responses out of people can be quite amusing and interesting, why dont you try evoking emotional responses outta birds for a new hobby eh?
    but eh fuck it if you wanna statisticafy us who gives a shit?
  18. Is this just you trying to cover your ass for posting up a completely ridiculous thread?

    "I'm a student of human nature!"... Well if you say so, Ida gone with something else though

  19. I was thinking the same shit!
  20. You sound pretty pleased for someone who hides from their inadequacies by manipulating other people. No matter how you rationalize it manipulating people is wrong.
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