Watch Trainspotting ! *links*

Discussion in 'Movies' started by iTweaker, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. fuckin right mate

  2. fuckin awsome movie :D:smoke:
  3. inb4ban4piracy
  4. I've watched this movie a couple times, love it.

    There is a sequel to the book. Although they planned on basing a movie on it, it has yet to happen.
  5. I've watched this movie many times and the opening interview scene gets me every time. FUCKING HILARIOUS! And that baby on the ceiling always freaks me out.

  6. porno? no one's signed onto it either. ewan mcgregor thinks itll ruin the first one, for starters.

    i would love a sequel.
  7. Yes although they have moved on from their current drug of choice, another is fenatured. But I presume it's based around the porn industry.
  8. i wouldn't bet on it happening though. its critical success would depend on the recurring cast. and half of them arent up for it - i'm pretty sure they're old enough. its nearing on 20 years since the original ffs!

    dont expect Renton in it, at the very least.
  9. haha, sickboy is my favorite anyway.

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