Watch the Throne

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  1. Shit dropped and it's magical. Soo good, legendary even. Definitely peaks up at the end as well, takes you to another world. Jay Z and Kanye knocked it off the part blades, support the album and pick it up! <3

    Hope there wasn't already a bigger, better, WTT thread, but it wasn't on the front page and there's where it belongs!
  2. i'm on my first listen right now and so far i'm really impressed
    they managed to create an aura of grandeur around the album that makes it seem almost like.... above the game. this isn't just "another rap album"
  3. I think it was great. Not legendary though
  4. hahahahaha this ***** swizz beatz did not fucking sample i cant stop
    probably the worst production on the album so far, it could've been so good. everything else is incredible
  5. i can't stop listening to this !!

    very seldom do i listen to an album and like it after the first run through.. i fucking LOVE this. i'm on my third or fourth listen, otis is bumpin' right meow.. hooooly so good.
  6. Every track is pure gold

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