Watch the fat kid...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Frank White, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. .....Dance

    Wooohooo he just dances and dances.....


    Go fat kid....
  2. Lol...funny shit.. Have you ever heard of the Star Wars Kid?

  3. No cant say i havnt, does he dance?

    ....He\'s still dancing.....go kid go...

  4. He doesnt dance but hes funny as hell. Hes fat too.

    Its somewhere on in the videos.

    And theres tons of funny videos there...

    Theres a QVC Katana accident, the guys showing how strong the Katana is, he slams it against the table and it snaps in half, bounces up and nails him in the arm and he drops to the grounds like \"oh that hurt\" then he like crawls off stage and thise dude comes on and hes like \"Folks, well uh, we made need emergency assistance, right now\"


  5. That\'s a girl.

  6. stares at pic.....


    Damn You......

  7. haha, i remember starwars kid, that was hillarious!

    and that dancing kid scares me...
  8. I thought that star wars kid was halarious! Where did he come from? It seemed like something a mom would videotape her son doing because: \"he\'s soooo talented!\" But it\'s kind of sad to watch.

    That fat kid scares me. Bad.

    I think I need to go pray...
  9. HAHA .. the star wars kid was funny ... aparrently the kid filmed himself doing it.
  10. My bad but...if you watch the videos on ebaumsworld you will be scarred for life. The prank calls are hilarious though.
  11. Wanna know something about the star wars kid?

    He filmed himself doing that on the school camera (you can see the school bball game he taped it over) then some kids found the tape he forgot in the camera and loaded it onto the computer for people to DL off of Kazaa and it spread like wildfire. Now hes trying to sue the kids who put it on the net because of all the embarrasment lmao.

  12. I was just checking those out, They have these celebrity voice lines play over the phone. this one is worth checking out:
  13. The ones with Mr. Bergis are hilarious. This radio station keeps prank calling him and he gets so incredibly pissed off.
    The dude is incredibly angry, but its funny how much they can get him to say ON THE AIR by simply messing with him.
  14. WTF! thats great!!! right on!!!!!

  15. He was asked to remove it..

    He did a good deed and removed it!

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