watch movies online?

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  1. Where? 

  2. En mi ducho, mis novias y yo miramos muchos películas. Yo conozco muchos puestos para películos de nalgas
  3. Try megashare
  4. Solar movie

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  5. Tubeplus or projectfreetv both .tv
  6. Movie25 is alright but downloading them with torrents is the way to go
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    Frostwire or utorrent/pirate bay for the more recent ones

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  8. Don't even bother downloading them, just stream them. I use projectfreetv a lot, just google it. It has pretty much everything. Look for the putlocker or sockshare links. Gorillavid and videoweed are also pretty reliable. However, have a pop-up blocker turned on.
    that's blocked now bro, sucks cause it used to be my go-to site.
    OP you could try zmovie or
  12. Projectfreetv

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  13. Tons. Use words like stream after ur search
  14. The best one is solar movie

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  15. Just torrent older movies or go to warez forums like and use the links that go to upload sites and download newer movies from there. You also have to use the free version of the sites unless you want to pay and I would seriously consider it. Having a actual membership to one of those sites makes it insanely fast and a lot safer then torrents. Find what upload sites are the most used at the time and get a month membership to try it out. If you only download once in a while then using the free side of it would work best.

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