Watch alot of TV?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I haven't had a connection to the outside world via my TV in like, five years now. I have basic, but I only turn it on for like fifteen minutes a day to listen to the weather and the news a little bit.

    I used to watch TV all the time, but when I stopped, suddenly everything became ALOT more interesting and individualized because TV stopped being something that I always referenced back to when I didn't know about something going on in pop culture or something . . . now I don't even recognize pop culture which is great as I don't discriminate against anyone for being pop or not anymore since I have no idea what the current trends are lol. It just makes for a better world when people stop having these preconceived notions about the way life or society should be, especially when they come from something as bs as movies or tv . . . ah well, fiction books can do the same thing, but I feel it's to a lesser extent because it's far less intense than a movie or tv experience.

    Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on television?
  2. fuckin A, i watch WAY too much tv (as i have been told countless times :p)

    it sucks but at this point, what ELSE am i gonna be doing. if i am not watching tv i am doing drugs and listening to music or just listening to music chillin

    my life is so basic it is ridiculous, ah well
  3. Just finished watching an episode of Seinfeld, then it turned into the apprentice. About half way into staring at Donald's trumps comb over i realize what a horrible show it is. About the same time as my high went away.
  4. comedy central al lday every day
  5. I got that digital cabel and i only watch 1 maybe 2 channels..

    MTV Jams is normally popping 24/7(channel 142)

    and music choice rap channel used to be uncensored(channel 409)

    and who can forget about sportscenter on espn in the AM..

    i recieve a pretty big cabel bill for only 3 channels..
  6. I rarely watch TV at all.. I too live in philly.. I got that comcast shit.. and i do me shit.. they give use internet and tv and they both crap out tooo much. We have "over 155 channels of TV" but most of it is garbage.. we also pay for HBO on demand.. but the movies they give you to choose from at just as shitty as the internet connection, lol.. I split it 4 ways so its only around 20 a month for both TV and internet.. still it should be better..
  7. Only thing I watch is Seinfeld, Mythbusters, and some local news/weather in the morning.
  8. it depends on what mood i am if im relaxed then yea i watch tv for awhile if i dont feel like watchin tv i usually go smoke or get on the compputer and stop and see how GC is doing;)
  9. discovery channel and history are where its at...
  10. I have not watched TV in about 4 years. But I have been downloading TV shows off the internet for the past 4 years. It's great because I have no idea what's MTV thinks is cool and I'm completely out of the loop on all news stories that don't affect me (ie: What could kill you today? / Celebrity / Special Interest stories -- all gone). I still read the daily newspaper so I know what's going on though.
  11. I like a couple shows. I watch maybe 5 hours a week. I dislike it. It's such a waste of time. the ol' Idiot box cliche i suppose.

    Every one in awhile though, i like to smoke a couple bowls and, eat some junk food and let my brain melt a little bit.
  12. nothing wrong with tv, it's a great way to learn. about 80% of my tv watching is the history channel, though
  13. tv sucks, i too dont know shit thats going on in pop culture, i dont care either. pop culture is mad gay.
  14. I don't like actual television.. I hate the fact that people allow themselves to run their entire lives over what comes on.. it's completly ridiculous.

    I love watching movies though, thats the only thing I ever use my t.v for
  15. Good point, it's not all bad.
  16. Joint, If you turned MTV on right now you would immediately go wash your eyes with acid and wish for blindness. It is that bad. (and by bad I mean lame)

    I watch entirely too much TV. I like background noise since I work at home. Instead of listening to music like I should be, I have the game show network on all freaking day long. Well except for Young & The Restless. Nothing like a good old fashion soap to make you feel really good about your moral stance. Anyway...yeah I'm addicted. Survivor and Amazing Race are my favorite shows.
  17. There are only really three shows i watch on tv between workng, toking and whilst on the city.
    i love watching the reruns of friends, cant wait for the 2nd season of lost and im currently watching smallville.
  18. You have the same taste in T.V. as my elderly step-mother..... you're scaring me, DBW
  19. lol Aside from my pot use I am excessively domesticated. I can see how a parallel could be made. Try not to think creepy thoughts after reading that. heh. :smoking:
  20. My T.V is sittin on my couch in my room, lol, when I had to clear my room to put down the new trim, I took it out, and I haven't hooked it up since, I find a lot of the shows on T.V now to be really gay, I like to watch Court TV and Cops and stuff like that when I do have it on, as well as the major news channels, and depending on what else is on, stuff where you learn. Comedy Central is great.

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