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  1. hey hey gc we be chillin and smoking on that bowl 24/7 wat you doin. So seriously what transpires on in your vicenity when you are smoking like do you chil inside or go outside or in the car just smoking bowl after bowl after bowl after,,,,,;:smoking:
  2. wow u went from
    we be smoking on that bowl
    what transpires on in your vincenity

    did ur high just kick in suddenly while typing
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    haha i was thinkin the exact same thing.

    edit- but upon closer reading it appears the op doesnt know how to use those words properly
  4. you re right im just high as fuk. I was living a lie and I accept that shit man. But have a good day but I'm just here reminding you to take extra big rips man cuz you can do it. You will thank me, yourself and grasscity.

    :devious::devious:I high and devious.

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