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wat is it called when..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mIdnite ToKa, May 19, 2010.

  1. when i finished a sesh.. n u go lay down or wat ever and u close ur eyes ur head starts hurting and gettin dizzy n neusous ** cant spell.. ?????/:confused:/
  2. Some people refer to this as "greening out"

    Although it has never happened to me .....
  3. Also called the "spins", it'll pass shortly.
  4. Yeah, I have started to spin pretty bad when i get drunk and high at the same time. Only happened once though, the day me and my friends smoked a HQ and drank a 60 between 3 people.
  5. You sure you're talking about weed and not alcohol? This has never happened to me from smoking, only the few times i've been shit-faced drunk
  6. I get that sometimes when I smoke to much. I call it free falling.
  7. its called learn to handle your shit
  8. God damn you, now i have this song stuck in my head

    Damn good song tho....

    [ame=]YouTube - Tom Petty - Free Fallin'[/ame]
  9. I'd say you're approaching the point of greening out. When you actually green out, you throw up and/or pass out. Around where I live it's called a whitey or white-out (because people usually go white as a sheet before it happens) although on GC I've only seen it called greening out or the spins.

    I only get it when I smoke too much in a small space of time... and in years of smoking I've only actually thrown up from it once.
  10. Usually happens when i smoke too much blunts. That damn tobacco can fuck you up.
  11. cause this one time i was smoking wit some ramdom hot girl.. she said she was gonna match me up i was like f*^k it so i pull out my dank nug she pulled out some shwag im like f^&k well f*&k it we smoke them two i went home cause she didnt have no convo. i layed down and my head started hurting and stuff nausea and i felt sick coudnt go to sleep cause i would get even more headache and more dizzy but i dunno i jus passed out and it felt nasty it has happent to me twice this time and one time i had drank some..
  12. You just got a little too high, next time simply smoke less.
    Go slow and pace yourself, it's key especially with quality bud.
    And also remember to stay hydrated and try not to get high on an empty stomach, being dehydrated and/or low blood sugar ESPECIALLY while high can make you feel like shit.

  13. yeah not at all buddy haha. This has nothing to do with him being able to handle his shit or not.
  14. yea cause i cant handle mine and i dont thing that shwagg was better but yea probly its my nutrition and meta.

  15. lol caught me by surprise :hello:
  16. It's obviously the lethal 'skunk' cannabis fucking with your head....HA!:smoking:

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