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  1. I was curious as to what all of you do with the waste and/or garbage associated with the growing after the grow is done...ie roots, leaves / trimmings, male plants, growing material, etc.?

    I live in an apartment building, but don't want to throw anything away at my place, as if they were to snoop around, they could find out who's doing the growing probably pretty quickly. I've read that some people use the garbage disposal...is this a safe alternative? I don't exactly have a backyard either to bury the things.

  2. people make hash with the trimmings
  3. Yep and once hash been made from it, it looks nothing like weed and probably smells like rubbing alcohol :D Looks more like rotten salad.

  4. If you're making ice/cold water hash, it still looks like weed afterwards. Doesn't smell much like it, definitely looks it tho.

    I dunno about a qwiso tho.

    Compact all your waste into as few bags as possible, maybe mulching it up first or something, and just take them somewhere far away from your apartment complex.
  5. Ya whatever you do it's always best to get them as far away from you as possible. Certainly at least out of the apartment complex would be good. Illegal dumping isn't a great idea either. If you're already breaking the law, don't break more laws. It only makes it easier to get caught.
  6. I guess this still makes me ask though....

    What do people do with their waste after the fact without breaking more laws?

    And more importantly, can you put the waste down the garbage disposal? does it smell afterwords?

    I'm really quite curious what people do in an apartment situation...we don't exactly have backyards to bury this stuff in :)
  7. interesting question, but good one. Im in the same situation, and have just been crushing all waste up, and putting in a bottle or box, and then in the garbage bag, then i throw it all away but do it late at night when no one is up...lol me being paranoid.
  8. I compost my: water leaves, stems, spent water hash trimmings, and rootballs

    The soil gets put in the backyard into the ever increasing number of outdoor raised vegetable gardens.... as well the compost mentioned above goes in these beds. .... Feeding My Mind and Body !!!
  9. I usually put the trimmings to use, everything else goes in a garbage bag designated for things that aren't necessarily to be associated with me, and I take it out to our public dumpster a few hours before the truck gets there.
  10. Put them in their own bag without anything associated to you and throw it in a different dumpster than you normally use.
  11. ive read about mixing with water and using the blender, then flushing...seems doable, but still a lot of work if you have more than one or two plants...
  12. Very interesting responses from everyone....

    The water / blender / toilet one sounds pretty good...a bit of a pain and time consuming, but not as time consuming(or expensive) as the shit you'd have to deal with if caught. I would also assume that most people in apartments would grow between 2-4 plants max, unless they really had some insane stealth room.

    I can tell you the only reason I'd be somewhat paranoid about throwing it out in my own dumpster at my complex is that if there was ever an issue, they'd be able to pinpoint the general area where the grow op started.

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