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  1. I am new to these board's but I've been lurking for an ill minute though. Me and my roommate started growing some seeds he had collected. Our 1st plant was a male and we found that out just this last week. But no fear we have a female going through the pre flowering stage since their are white hairs everywhere! This has been grown outdoors using the 12/12 photoperiod and it has worked fine for now. So far it's been a learning experience though we wasn't expecting the plants to last or we expected to do something wrong.

    Ill post some pics up later on of the preflowering female and what not. All we know it's a Indica strain but an unknown strain since he just had random seeds from all the weed we smoke all the time. It's gonna be interesting to see how it turns out and so on. Thanks for reading

    Alot of Little hairs sprouting everywhere

    WoWzErZ!! look at the pre-flowering hairs

    Mmmm, something looks sticky in there
    Alot of Little hairs sprouting everywhere
  2. yo man thats sik u got a female man ill check back when u get some pics up bro peace stay HIGH
  3. Welcome to the city, if you ever have questions, we got some awesome growers in our growroom! :smoke:
  4. yea it's unbelievable we have a female and we thought our 1st plant was a female. But that was until i did some intensive research on sexing and realized it was a male. So we waited until he was mature to be on the safe side of things and immediately killed it be4 it flowered.

    Now for the female she just started her pre-flowering stage so she is around a week into it. Also we aren't using any special lights to help induce flowering and make it flower quicker like we want too. Since we are tight on money we are gonna use the good ol' sun as our source. I don't think she'll yeild much maybe under QB if we are lucky enough
  5. You should start a grow journal!

    welcome to the city dude
  6. *Bump* Their are pics in the post for people who wanna see my 1st grow with natural sunlight. Also my roommate believes this seed came from Himalayan Gold plant
  7. welcome to the forums, gl with your grow. :D
  8. Yes i do need hope and some GL for this grow. The fact we've used the miracle grow potting soil and be4 anyone says anything. I know it's a bad choice to use something like that and the fact it grew from that potting soil is amazing. Also the real funny part is that it's all from the back of my 3rd story apt. Everyone around here doesn't know any better but most of them are old spanish people.

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