Washington HB 2233 Dead

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by FarmerJames, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. BAD NEWS!!!!
    I just got off of the phone with Rep. Appleton's office. They have tabled HB 2233 and shifted their support to HB 2149.
    HB 2149 sponsored by Rep. Cody will limit plant count to 3 flowering and 3 non-flowering.
    2149 passed the Healthcare & Wellness Committee and was referred to the Appropriations Committee. There will be an additional public comment period before HCW votes on it. If it passes Appropriations it will go the House for a full vote.

  2. Too bad, this is a direct result of the lack of oversight and loose regulations on mmj.  If our governor would have passed the bill regulating and ALLOWING dispensaries and collectives to exist, with stricter requirements, in 2011, then this wouldn't be in issue.  The days of California and WA style medical systems are done.  The abuses, along with a lot of greed no doubt, have pushed true medical patients either into the legal market, which in the end may be fine for most, but the ones that grow (for personal use) or need specific strains or concentrates are getting fucked.  Once again, this goes all the way back to Gregoire vetoing the bill backing mmj in 2011 and now with legalization taking effect, its open season.   Thank you to all the folks growing 99 plants and buying and reselling from dispensaries, this is the result.  Expect the same type of systems throughout the country as well, because, its obvious, people are starting to think mmj is a crock of shit for most people while at the same time have less of a problem with recreational use and the tax revenue generated from it.  That spells big time trouble for the folks who have been heavily involved in mmj.  Ugh...

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