Washington Capitals, my love...

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by The Dooge, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Gotta love them Caps, taking home most of the hardware this season, but it was sad to see Olaf Kolzig retire, but we picked up Jose Theodore. Anybody else love the Caps like I do? What do you think of our chances for the playoffs this year?
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    Is that hockey...or soccer?

    ::edit:: Had to Google it because I seriously didn't know. That's how popular hockey is these days. Bruins are the only team around here that haven't won shit in years.
  3. It sounds like Russia is starting up a league of its own, I hear a lot of players are thinking of playing over there, Jager for one. Do know anything about that?

    Ducks or the Rangers are pretty much the two teams I follow.
  4. Fuck the caps!

    All about the Cats!
  5. My team (Detroit) swept you in 98...you have not been relevant since, except for Ovechkin.

    But the only hardware that matters is the Cup. And we got that.
  6. with a team as stacked as yours, It would be sad if you didnt win, and trust me, I'm much happier that you won rather than the fucking penguins.

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