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Was this a dick move?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt, May 18, 2010.

  1. My dealer gives me eighths for $50 which is a good price for the quality around here. Two friends asked me to get them a gram each for $20 each. I was short $10 for the eighth so I told the same kid who wanted a gram that he should just get another ten bag. I told him my dealer gave me eighths for $50 so I would give him 3 grams for $50 and just keep the .5 grams left over. My dealer however hooked me up as usual with 5 grams instead of 3.5 grams so I ended up with 2 grams. Was it dick of me to take the whole 2 grams or was it ok because they got what they were paying for?
  2. If they got what they were paying for why would it be dick....they don't even know your dealer...
  3. 50 for 3gs of dank is a good deal. your dealer hooked you up not your friend. you gave him what he payed for
  4. By the way, my friend came with me to buy it and saw me split it up.
  5. #5 NeverOddOrEven., May 18, 2010
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    not a dick move in anyway and I don't think anyone could possibly think it was..:confused:
    oh your friend saw u split it? I'da gave him 4 grams and kept one to myself then
    edit: but thats just me, i would have gave him 4 but theres nothin dickish about givin him what he paid for

  6. $50 for 3gs is a good deal? Around here a gram goes for $10, not $20.
  7. Your friend asked for something at a set price. Anything extra is free for you
  8. It's not a dick move since your friend got what you wanted. Think of it being the middleman since you did take time out of your schedule to help your friend get bud from your connect. Or you guys could have smoked the extra stuff together.

  9. that was kinda important part of the story you lefted out there :eek:

    yeah,it was kinda a dick move,i would have gave my friend that whole 5 grams and ask him to smoke me out :smoke:
  10. Well he couldn't smoke after we picked up and I knew this would probably happen so I smoked him up before we even left to go pickup.
  11. It's not dick since you only got the extra bud because of your personal relationship with the dealer. Your friend would've gotten the same amount or less for that price if he'd gone to the dealer without you so it's not like you took something from him or screwed him over.

    That being said, be generous with that free bud, especially since your friend saw you divide it up.
  12. Ya, well like I said I also left out the fact that I smoked him up on my bong before we even left. If you can't tell I'm still a little, :rolleyes:.
  13. Agreed. I'm not a dealer, and I don't want friends turning me into one, but if they ask for it at a price, they'll get it at that price and I smoke a finders fee of the difference.
  14. Cool, doobie time then.

  15. It wasn't a dick move, until you said this, but it still isn't that much of a dick move. He was selling to you, not your friend. However, if you shorted your friend and told him it was more than it was, then yes that would be a dick move.

  16. Finders fee. Idk about you but I get mad if someone asks me to find bud for them then dont either throw me like a bowl pack or smoke something with me. If they don't I tell them not to ask me again.
  17. I'm sorry, but no, finders fees are bullshit. If you're friends with the person, you're getting them weed because you want to, not because you have to, and certainly not because you're expecting anything in return.

    I hate people that get off on the fact that everytime they get weed for someone, they think they are "entitled" to free weed. That is bullshit. If you were really friends with someone, you would get weed for them, and if that person was friends with you, they would offer to smoke with you in return. If it doesn't work out, then don't get them weed, don't pull the "oh man i got this for you so i should get some." No.
  18. Well I made it pretty clear I was getting the extra .5 grams and he would keep the 3 grams. It was just bad that my dealer gave me so much extra. I try to justify it by saying he gave me the deal not my friend and my friend knew the deal he was getting beforehand, regardless of the consequences. Maybe I'm just greedy though, :smoke:.
  19. I understand where you're comming from, but i'm talking about if someone intentionally rips people off and still expects them to be smoked up, thats bullshit. As long as you're giving him the amount that he paid for, then there is nothing wrong with that.

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