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Was this a bad trip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smurff, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey there , i am just wondering that if this was a trip or i must have drempt it.

    Prolouge: Me and friends : I'll call them 'Dommu' , 'Priest' and 'Bobbert.' (With me , 'Smruff') . All went on a merry camping trip. You see, i have known these friends for a long time and i hadn't seen them in a while. As i decided not to become a fully-qulaified Toker time between reunions had be sparse. I was a apprentice and novice comapred to my friends. So i was rung up and told to join them in the woods 15 minutes away from where i live. I joined earnestly, as i would love to seem them and ring the bell of sweet Latin mist once more. Priest thought it wise for me to bring some muchies before i came. So i went to the nearest Tesocs on the way, in my Celtics top to buy some scrumous pork-pies and some nibbles for my merry flock. While i was on my way the guys set the fire up. I arrived at the best shoe store in the world: Guillivers. Where my trusty comrade Priest met me to escort me to the campsite. Nearly forggeting the phat-boy-slim Spliff my brother rolled me as welcome present. For an all ready large weeed pile Dommu and Bobbert had gathered like the Green Squrriells they are. Anyways, we all sat down in the tent nibbled and decided to hot box. What i failed to realise during the nostalgia of meeting my merry men, was that i was slighlty Agriphobic and paranoid . Hence i was not a big fan of camping.

    The Trip: Honneslty it came to a point where in my live where i would have thought never to have reached the pinalces of getting high as the great Dommu and the others. I certainly did however. I have never at that much weed before and the hot boxing was not helping in that regard. So we laughed and got really high for a long time. However it came to a point when we were ready to go bed that i began to feel the power of weed more than ever. Shrugging it off i tried to get some sleep. Now i still wonder to this day what the hell happened next but i will try my earnest to explain. I began to freak out a lot about the woods. I will admit i don't like big open woods in which i wasn't very knowlegadble of the geography. I kept on thinking i heard things, asking Priest if he heared them to. He didn't. It began to raise my adrelin levels, even though i couldn't really move as i was so high. Yet it came to a point where i had become a bit phased out and didn't really grasp what reality I was in . It came to a point where my eyes screwed up and then a clown with a Stanley knife entered the tent .While my other friends did not notice as they were to baked /sleepy to see. I tried to scream and move my arms but i was to baked to do anything. [ame][/ame] - A bit like 'Johnny got his Gun' . The clown looked around and saw that my eyes were opened and proceeded to knife me . In which i still couldn't move. It then went all blurry, i was really tripping balls. When i came about it seemed like a dream but i don't think i was asleep. This was quite scary and it could have been a mix of tripping and dreaming but i don't know, I had a minor trip out a few hours before where i thought Priest chucked a rat on me (his sock) and tried to bite nob off and then i came to. So i am sure this was a trip to. But i don't really know.

    Epilouge: I still can't decide what happened. Dommu has told me of times of when he tripped on such a magnitude before, maybe more so . However not this horrfying. Maybe it must be down to my personality traits. I mean i had recurring nightmares of hands straggling me as a kid in which i could have sworn were they when i was awake. Still, i think paranoia got the better of me. But i don't know it made me tripp so bad. It may be the open spaces thing, as my fellow men including an absentee ('Yaki') have got just as baked after this campout and i haven't had a trip as bad as before. Still have you guys had any of this kind of shit ? What do you think - do i need to be sectioned?

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