Was my weed laced?

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  1. OKay so today i bought weed, the guy told me it was purple, anyways, i smoked 1 gram by myself cause i was like wtf this shet isnt working, all a sudden boom it kicked in, i was like flying nd shet, i kept falling nd i dropped the weed, it wasall blurry, the audio was like static, i was shaking at points nd i kept blacking out, nd i was so mellow, wen i was ina forest small leaves i thought were huge trees lol, my friend was carrying me he put me down, ona log i than chilled out i was able to walk but i still had blurry vison just more clear nd my legs were super weak, anyways we got home showered nd shet at his house, than i ate 50 nuggets LOL 50 and 1 oreo thing bymyself than the blacking out countiued from like 5 pm-10 pm , it was either laced or it was cause i pulled an allniter before i smoked lol, nd dun worry i found the weed, we saved it gonna blaze sunday:smoking:
  2. Been a while since I seen one of these threads. :smoking:
  3. was it laced my other friend said it mite be laced wid pcp cause i felt like i was flying, i wasnt really like flying just that my legs were weak nd i was taller

  4. Lmao, no bro. Just enjoy the high :smoking:
  5. uhhhhhhh:confused_2::poke::hippie:

    maybe it was the heady dank dank
  6. Another retarded thread. [​IMG]
  7. well idk ive smoked many times never like that holy shet, it was epic
  8. It wasn't laced. Sounds like you had a bad case of couch lock though.
  9. What could be scary about a Jeffrey?
  10. well i was coughing alot i took big as hits, than small ones than it kicked in

  11. Yea, that is what happens when you smoke.
  12. It was laced with dumbassentrol.

    From your post it seems you've been smoking it too much.

  13. LOOOOOOL, I hate when my weed is laced with that. Dealers need to learn amirite
  14. prolly w/pcp. angel dust. sherman hemsly, love boat, ashy larry
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  16. Rules 1 & 2

  17. Nawh, newts only got like 2 weeks left then bts...and we take back our anon.
  18. Short answer: no

    Long answer: yes
  19. Lollololol

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