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Was my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nosam-0, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I've been smoking weed for about 3 months now so I guess you could call me "new" to it. I usually only buy from one dealer who is a good friend of mine but last weed I bought a dime off of another friend. I'm wondering if it was laced because about 5 hours after I smoked some I started to feel a kind of "out of my body" experience. Like I was high but I was very aware of everything that was happening. I'm not sure if it's just an after high or if the weed was laced. Also I smoke some again a day later and I've felt the same way for about a day now. I'd really like to know if this is gonna be permanent because I don't really like it a hell of a lot. Sleeping hasn't really done much to get rid of it. Any help is appreciated because I'm starting to freak out a bit.
  2. it wasnt laced...if they lace weed its worth more and anyone buying weed isnt going to want to pay more...if they lace it they lose money. especily on a dime sack haha your body is just not liking that kind of bud OR it has a high cbd or cbn content and it giving off a very harsh body high
  3. just to clarify, are you complaining because you smoked weed and was able to be high and think clearly? that could have been because a higher THC content, the actual plant matter is what gives you that stuck to a couch feeling, usually with really good weed or hash you get a really mental high, like you can function pretty naturally, only youre halucinating at the same time
  4. the longest it will last is until tommarow morning...thats the absolute longest my guess is in a few hours
  5. alright thanks and to wooden_ships i wasn't really familiar with what i was feeling and I was getting paranoid
    I guess I just need to smoke more :p
  6. nope it wasn't laced, probably just good buds..
  7. THC content can be as high as 20% or even higher in some strains.

    I have been smoking herb for the last 20 years, & I have certainly noticed an increase in the potency. It's just progress, same as anything else.

    People find ways to make things better, pure & simple.
  8. that shit sounds bomb!
    Your just tripping! we all do it!
    most of us, love to do it!

    tip: when your high and dont want to trip, just close your eyes, and start screaming at the top of you lungs in a crowded place.
  9. Honestly, you are pretty much describing an average hgh. When you are high you supposed to have an "out of body" experience. This weed could have been good, but to me it just sounds like this is normal weed and that the original weed you were getting just sucked.
  10. i can't think of anything that would give effects 5 hours after inhalation. you probably just got some chron that kept you a good buzz for a while.
  11. Yeah, when I first started smoking I had one bad smoke, where I felt all out of it and stuff. And then the next day I had work and still felt that way. It sucked. But it went away, and now weed is the best thing obv.

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